Saturday, August 30, 2014

Altria and Lorillard - Two Top Dividend Stocks

Please click here to read my article about this on Seeking Alpha Altria and Lorillard are two top picks

In summary, I feel that the merger between Reynolds and Lorillard will provide shareholders of Lorillard with an excellent value at current prices.  The discount implied by the market currently offers a great chance for a high return on investment.  With Altria, you have a steady dividend payer who has the ability to continue to raise dividends year in and year out.  Please note, I am long both stocks.

Important Sectors for Finding Current Value

Right now, I find good value in mining company stocks.  Some highlights will be posted soon.  Telecom and tobacco companies also offer some good bargains as well.

Upcoming Undervalued Dividend Stock Articles

Coming up, I will be writing many more stock market articles on Seeking Alpha based on dividend stocks that I perceive to be underpriced.  More will be summarized and introduced here.  I like dividend stocks because you essentially get paid to what.  While the stock may take awhile to go up, as it is hard to predict the exact time and amount of increases, you get a steady stream of income.  I believe that it is still possible to find stocks that can return 20+% in a year even when they pay a dividend.  An example of this is with tobacco stocks in many of the recent years.

DirecTV is Undervalued

Currently, I believe that DirecTV is headed to $95 in the short term.  Disclosure, long DirecTV.  This is based on the pending merger with AT&T.  The stock market is erroneously implying a heavy discount in my opinion.  Please feel free to view an article I wrote about this on Seeking Alpha Stock Market Articles