Friday, May 27, 2016

Aaron McKie Rookie Basketball Cards 1994-95

If you want to find an Aaron McKie rookie basketball card, you will find them in 1994-95 basketball card sets.  MyBaseballCardSpace has listed a large quantity of McKie's 1994-95 Hoops rookie basketball cards and you can find many more listed here as well from Topps and Upper Deck.   An autograph can be found in Classic from 1994-95 as well.

Jamal Mashburn 1993-94 Rookie Basketball Card

Jamal Mashburn rookie basketball cards are in 1993-94 card sets such as 93-94 Stadium Club, Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer and more.  He played for the Kentucky Wildcats and made his rookie debut with the Dallas Mavericks.  He has shoes out now and was a solid NBA player to find rookie cards and autographs of.  Find his rookie basketball cards and inserts here at great prices such as his Ultra All-Rookies insert card.  Another good Mashburn rookie card is his high end 1993-94 Topps Finest one.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vernon Maxwell Rookie Cards from 1989-90

Vernon Maxwell has rookie basketball cards in 1989-90 Fleer and 1989-90 Hoops basketball card sets.  While unopened boxes of these cards have gone up in price, you can still find his rookie cards for $1-$2 on eBay and find some listed here to buy for your basketball card collection.  He was a prolific scorer during his time in the NBA and a Vernon Maxwell rookie card may be a good long term investment for you.


Hakeem Olajuwon Basketball Cards

Hakeem Olajuwon basketball cards start with his 1984-85 Star Company XRC rookie card and then you also have his 1986-87 Fleer Premier rookie card.

Then there are many insert and base cards from his playing career including ones from Hoops and Topps.

Here is a great article about his cards.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Michael Jordan 1993-94 Upper Deck Basketball Cards

Michael Jordan basketball cards in 1993-94 Upper Deck card sets are the final year he is in there before his retirement which affected his 1994-95 cards.  Many card sets, such as Hoops, did not include a card of Michael Jordan in 1994-95.  This is a great year to find many of his cards and some of those are listed here.

His short printed main set 1993-94 Upper Deck insert card is awesome.

1996-97 Michael Jordan Topps Basketball Cards

Michael Jordan Topps basketball cards from 1996-97 include some great cards, starting with his NBA at 50 parallel card in the main set.  Then we extend to Topps Finest and Topps Chrome, where in 1996-97 Topps Chrome you can find a Michael Jordan refractor card.

Other great ones from this year include his insert cards and there were many, along with some great ones in Topps, some as rare as 1/200 packs when considering the refractor parallel cards.  Michael Jordan basketball cards are a great investment.

His Stadium Club Class Acts insert card is awesome.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1998-99 Topps Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

Michael Jordan Topps basketball cards from 1998-99 include some great cards, starting with his regular base set card, #77 in the set.

Other great ones from this year include his 1998-99 Topps Roundball Royalty insert card, which carries a nice book value.  Michael Jordan has other great insert cards in this year including his Topps Chrome preview card and the Topps Gold Label Black Label parallel card.  Find many Jordan cards from 1998-99 Topps listed here for your shopping needs.


1998-99 Fleer Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

Michael Jordan has a lot of basketball cards in 1998-99 Fleer when you figure in the Fleer Ultra cards and the insert cards, which are hard to find.  Some examples include the 1998-99 Fleer Ultra Leading Performers Michael Jordan insert card, the vintage 98-99 Fleer Jordan card, and the base 1998-99 Fleer card #23 in the set.  This matches his jersey number.

The Michael Jordan 1998-99 Fleer Electrifying insert card, #6 in that set, is a higher end insert card of Michael Jordan that is very rare to find for sale.  Buy one of these or other nice 1998-99 Fleer Michael Jordan basketball cards here from the eBay listings in real-time.  Another one of my favorite Jordans is the 1998-99 Fleer Plus Factors Jordan card.


1998-99 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Michael Jordan Card

You can find 1998-99 UD Choice Michael Jordan basketball cards here from the popular Collector's Choice series of Upper Deck basketball cards.  These cards are a hit among collectors and Michael Jordan basketball cards are rapidly rising in value currently.  This is not surprising because some say he was the greatest player to ever play the game. Find one here to buy now at a great price.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

2014 Panini Playbook Football Jersey Cards

2014 Panini has Playbook double game worn jersey, patch, and autographed cards featuring the rookies from the 2014 card set.  Included are Davante Adams, Jordan Matthews, Tajh Boyd, Kelvin Benjamin, Odell Beckham Jr., Sammy Watkins, and many more.  MyBaseballCardSpace has some of these listed included some of those players as well as Eric Ebron.   Find them listed in real-time below for you to buy at a great price.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Strikeforce Tech $SFOR 10-Q Due Momentarily

SFOR $SFOR will be filing its 10-Q here shortly and it is set to include the settlement payment that it received from Microsoft early in the year.  Investors are anxious to see what is in the report and if SFOR turns a profit for this quarter.  It should be interesting as in my opinion this stock is very undervalued.

Friday, May 6, 2016

SeanieMac BETS $BETS Stock Showing Strong Price Action Today

Shares of Seaniemac, a gaming company with the ticker symbol BETS $BETS are moving upward today in strong upward price action.  This is a definitely a winner on the OTC boards today.  It is a stock that is surviving today in a tough overall market for the OTC stocks I follow.

PHOT Growlife is out with News - May 2016

Ticker symbol PHOT has come out with news recently and today, on May 6, 2016, its stock is soaring by about 10%.  These exciting new developments may be a catalyst for the share price, which has not performed well as of late. $PHOT

GIGM GigaMedia Releases 1st Quarter 2016 Financial Results

GIGM - GigaMedia today released its first quarter 2016 financials showing a .10 per share diluted earnings and a staggering $73.5 million in cash, marketable securities and restricted cash.  This represents an amount of $6.65 per share.  The revenue increased compared to 4th quarter 2015.  This is excellent news.

I may hold a position in $GIGM.

Michael Jordan Hoops Basketball Cards 1990-91

1990-91 Hoops basketball cards contain several Michael Jordan cards including nice subset and all-star cards.  In series 2, there are many Jordan cards including a Michael Jordan card with Magic Johnson on it.  This is a fun box to open, if you buy 1990-91 Hoops Series 2 unopened boxes, you can expect to find several Michael Jordan cards in it based on my experience.  Michael Jordan was in his 5th year in basketball cards in this year and in my opinion these are a great value for collectors.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Twitter Stock is Undervalued Here TWTR

In my opinion, shares of Twitter (TWTR) $TWTR are way undervalued here.  The sell-off has been way overdone and the stock price is at a compelling level for buyers.  While expectations have decreased for future revenue, this has been absurdly reflected in its current share price and it sports a market capitalization of only about $10 billion right now.  This is a great stock to look more at in May of 2016.

I may hold a position in TWTR stock.

SFOR - OTC Stock Buying and Selling

Currently SFOR is drifting downward to flat today, but in trading action I see this as a great buying opportunity for those looking to purchase shares.  The 10-Q is due out soon and Strikeforce Technologies should have some great developments in the works.  CEO Mark Klay will hopefully provide more information about these soon.

Disclosure, I may hold a position in SFOR

2015 Topps Amari Cooper Rookie Football Cards

You can find 2015 Topps Amari Cooper rookie football cards here.  These include his short printed variation cards and 2015 Topps Chrome mini refractor insert cards, as well as his rookie autographs.  Cooper is one of the top rookie cards in 2015 card sets.  His base rookie card from 2015 Topps is a great card to have for your collection.  Find them listed for sale here and buy one at a great price.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lot of Jason Kidd Vintage Basketball Cards

If you want to find old, vintage basketball cards of Jason Kidd you have come to the right place.  Find them here from his playing career days with the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks.  Jason Kidd cards are a great investment because in my opinion he will be a hall of famer and will always be a mainstay among collectors in the basketball card hobby.  MyBaseballCardSpace has a lot of Jason Kidd basketball cards listed among its eBay listings.  Find more here.


Charles Barkley Lot of Cards - Vintage

If you want to find player lots - Charles Barkley has some great cards you can find.  These are from the 1980's and 1990's during his playing career with the Houston Rockets and the Phoenix Suns.  If you are looking to invest in vintage cards, find some great lots of Charles Barkley basketball cards right here on eBay at a great price to buy.  MyBaseballCardSpace has 10 card player lots listed of Barkley as well which only include cards from his playing career days.