Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1993 Bowman Sports Cards

1993 Bowman
1993 Bowman cards are great for football and baseball cards. 1993 Bowman baseball cards contain Derek Jeter rookie cards, and some other stars as well.  Other stars include Nolan Ryan as well as other great cards such as a foil card of Chipper Jones.  1993 Bowman football has rookie cards of Drew Bledsoe and Jerome Bettis among others and is a great set to have. Boxes are affordable and an unopened box has many cards that are fun to open. If you get a box, you get plenty of the foil cards which are special in the football set. There is a Barry Sanders foil card that books about $6 and is a great pull along with some of the other hall of famers. That is on top of all of the great rookies which, although not as great as other years, still provide a bit of investment potential.

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