Tuesday, October 21, 2014

APT MotoVox Group, INC. MTVX Stock Opinion

The stock of ticker symbol MTVX is undervalued in my opinion.  The stock is being given away at current price levels.  In its most recent quarterly report per Yahoo! Finance, the company had $580,000 in revenue. This is about a 20% increase from the prior quarter.  Additonally, the company won "Rookie of the Year" in the recent AIMExpo (click here for the rookie of the year story) show.  The revenue increase and the potential developments for the company significantly are being understated in the current share price.  In my opinion, this stock is totally undervalued.

Disclosure, I have no position in MTVX and have not been paid to promote the company.

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  1. 20 Billion in Shares authorized!
    6+ Billion in outstanding shares!
    Increase from 800k in 5 months!
    Involved with toxic financing "iron ridge global"!
    Millions of other convertible debt!
    2.7 Billion legacy shares just became free to sell!
    Preferred shares that are convertible at 500 commons to 1 preferred share total amount when converted will be another 20 Billion common shares in 2015!