Monday, October 20, 2014

Green Cures and Botanical Distribution GRCU Opinion

Today, I would like to form an opinion on GRCU.  The stock impressively has net income according to its most recently filed quarterly financial statements.  However, the revenue posted on Yahoo! Finance only goes back to the quarter ended in September of 2013.  There look to be a high number of shares outstanding, and this is reflected in the low price per share.

Going forward, the company looks to have opportunities but this is one of those stocks that I would worry about with the high trading volume and high number of shares outstanding.  I see limited upside here but would venture to say that if things go its way, visiting .05 per share is not out of the question.  I have no position in GRCU.  If you like this post, feel free to click a link here to show support and also enter your phone number for free information in regards to gold investing.  It is a no cost no risk venture and you could make some money.  Update - 11/10/2014 - after today's price drop in shares, I like it going into tomorrow and find this a time to make a buy if I were to invest in it.  I have no position in GRCU.

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