Tuesday, October 21, 2014

GT Advanced Technology, Inc. - GTATQ Blogger Opinion

For investors in GTATQ, today has seen a mass price upswing due to the recent news that the company may be close to settling its dispute with Apple (AAPL).  I view this as a watershed moment for the stock.  If it can do this and obtain financing to avoid bankruptcy, this stock is 1,000% undervalued.  Due to the fact that it had a contract with Apple, this shows that it has the ability and the product to be able to gain a big contract for its devices.

I give a 50% chance to GT Advanced Technology being able to avert bankruptcy now that it is possible that it will settle with Apple.  I rate the stock as a buy here and feel that it is extremely undervalued.

Disclosure, I have no position in the shares of GTATQ.  Furthermore, I have not been paid to highlight this company.

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