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Investing in Baseball Cards

My Baseball Card Space Cards
Investing in baseball cards can provide you with great cards and a chance at price appreciation and profits.  Here at www.mybaseballcardspace.info   we make certain to show you the best baseball card investments that money can buy, including 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards and 1909 Honus Wagner tobacco cards, when available.  It is not guaranteed that you will make money when purchasing high end sports cards or a group of cards for resale or to hold for investing, but the site can show you a lot of different cards that are of interest to baseball card speculators and there is a chance that the hobby will see a rise in values in the years to come, hopefully.

The link above shows the news feed of My Baseball Card Space, where you can find detailed articles about sports cards.  At the forum of our web site, which is available at the banner above and there are many in-depth articles and posts relating to some of the most valuable and expensive and best baseball cards around including the 1950's Topps baseball cards and Donruss baseball cards, as well as autographs and rookies of today's best players such as Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, and many more.  You will also find updated listings categorized to many specific players, sets, years, and types of cards, and you also will find a general overview of the most popular items at any given time.  Also, on the home page, there is a live updated carousel type listing of the baseball card auctions currently available for you to purchase at the best prices right away.

The following are examples of some of the articles, posts, pictures, and sports card videos that have been posted at the site, as well as items that have been talked about where if you are looking to purchase them, you will be able to find links to help you do so.  The news feed about is free to subscribe to and is recommended as we are now on the threshold of having 300 articles for the site and it is simply the beginning of many more sports card articles likely to come in the future.
This article on vintage baseball card investing  can show you many of the high end vintage rookie baseball cards that are great for your collection.  Players include Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, along with many others.  Simply click the link that says vintage baseball card investing in the previous sentence.

Baseball card shows provide collectors an opportunity to meet with other sports card collectors in a large setting to find cards to purchase.  All of the links will lead you to more detailed articles about each specific topic so please make sure to make a note of this web site, www.mybaseballcardspace.info   so that you can find all of the articles you are interested in, and it is updated frequently.

1985 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1981 Topps set is right on the threshold of being considered a bonafide vintage baseball card set.  I personally recommend that collectors own a set of the regular series and also the traded set.  It is the first year that Topps issued a traded set of 132 cards.  There are rookie cards of Harold Baines, Tim Raines and Fernando Valenzuela (there is an additional rookie card of him in the Traded set as well).  These cards can run about $60-$100 for an unopened wax box and a little bit less than that for a complete master set and a bit less for just a 792 card set.

1988 Topps Baseball is one of the more overproduced sets of the decade.  1988 Topps Baseball is not highly desirable in my opinion, and I would only recommend collectors to have one set and maybe one unopened wax box.  The player selection is not that good.  One nice feature is the design, it actually has great eye appeal and Topps really did a great job with the photo colors. 

The Beckett baseball card and other sports card magazines can provide you with pricing information as to how much money your sports cards and baseball cards are worth.  Alternately or in addition to that, you can also receive up to the second pricing information on Ebay by using the completed auction pricing information as soon as you are a member, as it will list the price that an auction sold for, which is very helpful in determining the actual value of the cards.  For investment purposes, determining the current value is imperative as you will be able to know exactly the cards' value now, and that will help you determine if the risk is worthwhile as you try to predict the future value of the card or cards in question.

One thing to keep in mind when finding cards to invest in is that you want to make sure you are purchasing authentic cards and that you get a good deal.  Please make sure to choose the people you buy from wisely.

There are some of the Topps sets for baseball cards that I consider noteworthy.  I really do like them all though, as they appeal to different kinds of collectors, different budgets and, in the long run, have all proven to be worth keeping around.

    1989 Score Football               1989 Topps Baseball            1982 Topps Baseball          1983 Topps Baseball        
   1983 Star Company             Star Company Bagged Set           1986-87 Fleer                     1993 Bowman                 
   1992 Bowman                     1985 Donruss                1981 Topps Baseball              1988 Topps Baseball          
      1980 Topps                    1987 Topps                1985 Topps Baseball                vintage card                           
   1951 Bowman                      1953 Topps             1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle                 1980-81 Topps
  Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball                 1987-88 Fleer Basketball                                 1981-82 Topps

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