Friday, October 17, 2014

Minerco Resources - MINE Time for Caution

Today, I would like to highlight Minerco Resources, ticker symbol MINE.  The share price is low and based on the fact that revenue has been practically non-existent to this point, this does not bode well for initial revenue.  Often times, when a small company like this needs to make initial sales, they are done so to the detriment of profit.  The initial sales tend to have to be priced low enough to entice distributors, but sacrifice profit margins.  My outlook for this stock is to have it underweighted in any portfolio.  Exercise caution here and while the products may pan out, I would only dabble in it with a hundred dollars as an investment, if any.   For all intensive purposes, I would avoid this stock.  Disclosure, I have no positions in MINE.

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  1. Updated 10/30/14 - I am short term positive on the share price of MINE. I believe it could go up 20% from here based on simple investor enthusiasm and buyer demand. Long-term I am still cautious on the stock.