Friday, October 24, 2014

November 2014 Undervalued Stock Picks

To start with, shares of Alibaba are still undervalued at $95.76.  The shares were down to like $85 per share, and that was a superb time to buy.  I own no position in Alibaba but definitely recommend it going into earnings for short term profits by the end of November.  Those earnings will be around November 17, 2014 (BABA).

The shares of Directv and Lorillard (DTV and LO) are undervalued because of underpriced premiums compared to market price if the deals go through.  This, in my opinion, is an oversight by the market.  I own shares in both companies but definitely find them to be great bargains.  With Lorillard, you also get a high dividend yield.

For smaller companies, top picks of mine include Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF).  I do not currently own shares of it and would wait for a slightly lower entry point here.  Neutra Corporation (NTRR) is a top pick of mine for an undervalued penny stock and I own shares of it.  Fannie Mae (FNMA) is another top pick for a lower priced stock.  All of these have potential for upward momentum short term in the next few weeks, and I am long FNMA.

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