Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blogger Positive on Terra Tech Corp

For investors and potential investors in Terra Tech Corp., ticker symbol TRTC, my analysis has concluded that I believe it to be a buy at these price levels.

This company is clearly a leader among the small, otc stocks.   The company, along with MCIG, has made appearances on prominent financial news to discuss business prospects.  There was a run in the pot stocks early in the year, with many companies reaching all time highs.  As the year progressed, the momentum faded however the long-term potential of this company and others has not been reached yet.

As the election results come in, it is likely in my estimation that the growth in legalization of marijuana will grow.  As a result, I predict that early next year we will see the biggest rally ever in this stock and in others such as MCIG and ANAS.

Alternaturals, ANAS, already has Focamine and another product for sale in its Amazon store.  Mcig is selling its vaporizing product briskly.  Terra Tech is marching forward in the market for cultivation.  Each of these companies has a niche within the industry and I believe that the sky is the limit here.  I recommend buying shares of TRTC.

Disclosure, I am long MCIG and ANAS.

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