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Collecting Baseball Cards

Collecting baseball cards is a great hobby and here are some great ideas for you to start or add to your baseball and sports card collection.  On this page, many things pertinent to collecting cards will be listed as far as organizing your cards, storage, and some of the best sports cards to collect.  Baseball cards have great cards starting with the most valuable baseball card in the world - the 1909 t206 Honus Wagner card followed by the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card.  Goudey baseball cards also contain such greats as Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio.  I believe that a sports card collection is not complete without football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards and other sports cards as necessary.  The Topps football cards contain famous ones such as a Jim Brown rookie card, Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice rookie cards along with rookies of Marcus Allen and Dan Marino.  If you follow any link on the sports cards here, it will lead you to more specific articles and product listings for those cards, which can provide helpful resources for you.  Bookmarking this page is a great idea.
There are different ways to store your cards.  You have to consider how much space you need, how much protection you need for your cards (your more expensive cards should be stored in better holders) and many other things.  For individual cards, there is binder storage available, individual card sleeves and holders and storage boxes.  Protecting your cards from damage is a great way to preserve their quality and is a key ingredient in preserving their value and is necessary in order to have cards in great condition.  Cards need to be in as good of condition as possible because as most of us know, the better the condition of your cards, the more they can be worth.
Considering how much space you need for storing your card collection is an idea to think about.  If you are just a personal collector like most of us are, you will not need to go to great lengths on this.  For a business or large collector, even a warehouse or storage area is an option because the cards simply cannot be housed easily.  For a physcal store owner, considering how to organize and store the cards at the physical store can provide a good place for them to have their cards right at their fingertips.  Also available for any type of collector is insurance for the storage of your cards, a relatively new option that is available as a way to preserve their value in case of damages beyond the control of the collector.  I do not know much about this option and would recommend that if someone wants to learn about it, to type it into a Google search to find out more.

Dan Marino rookie cards from 1984 topps are valuable investments to have in your football card collection.  He is one of the greatest rookie cards to have along with John Elway from this era.
Listed on this page you will find many of several rookies currently listed on Ebay.  Make a great choice and with the large selection of similar items, you are assured to have a great opportunity to find one at a great price that is exactly what you are searching for.  the 1984 Topps football card set has many hall of fame cards and the rookies galore make it one that is highly sought after by collectors.  Unopened boxes and packs are great for the serious collector.
When starting a card collection, I believe it is best to just dive in somewhere and start accumulating cards, preferably according to who your favorite players and/or years are at the start, within the boundaries of your budget. 
When 1980 Topps cards are being considered, there are baseball, basketball, footballa and hockey cards.  There are some awesome cards in these sets.  For baseball, to start, there is a Rickey Henderson rookie card.  That is the best card in the set and then there are many hall of famers including Nolan Ryan.  In Football, there is a Phil Simms rookie card along with former running back great Otis Anderson.  In basketball, there is one of my favorite cards ever produced which is the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson dual rookie panel card.  Hockey cards have Wayne Gretzky second year cards along with Ray Bourque rookie cards.  A complete set of each would make your collection quite valuable, there is a lot of potential within these sets.  Unopened packs are even more fun.  Listed on this page are 1980 topps items including baseball and basketball cards on ebay.
1986 Topps football cards are highly sought after and valuable.  The set and wax boxes and packs contain Jerry Rice rookie cards, a Steve Young rookie, Reggie White and Bruce Smith rookies, Boomer Esiason, Andre Reed and Bernie Kosar first year cards as well.

Topps Factory Set of complete baseball cards and sports cards is a great investment and has been around for many years.  It is great to have in your collection because it contains all of the cards in the set for that particular year.  Topps is the most famous baseball card company and has been making baseball cards since the 1952 series with Mickey Mantle.
A complete set of Topps factory sealed cards ensures that the cards will be in the best shape and you possibly could even have gem mint cards in there which would bring a premium to their book value.  Some of my favorites include football card sets from the 1980's as well, and baseball ones from that era in factory sealed condition are worth more than hand collated sets.
Do not forget about vintage cards as they are great for any collector.

There are some of the Topps sets for baseball cards that I consider noteworthy.  I really do like them all though, as they appeal to different kinds of collectors, different budgets and, in the long run, have all proven to be worth keeping around.

    1989 Score Football               1989 Topps Baseball            1982 Topps Baseball     
    1983 Topps Baseball        
   1983 Star Company             Star Company Bagged Set           1986-87 Fleer           
         1993 Bowman                 
   1992 Bowman                     1985 Donruss                1981 Topps Baseball              1988 Topps Baseball          
      1980 Topps                    1987 Topps                1985 Topps Baseball                vintage card                           
   1951 Bowman                      1953 Topps             1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle               
1980-81 Topps
  Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball                 1987-88 Fleer Basketball                             
   1981-82 Topps

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