Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Positive on NanoTech Entertainment NTEK

Today, I would like to highlight NanoTech Entertainment, ticker symbol NTEK.  I recommend purchasing this stock as I feel it is a bargain at around 5 cents per share currently.

The company streams concerts and videos on its 4K network and in recent announcements, is adding content.  While the monetization from subscribers is not outstanding yet, I feel that this can build and will build over time.  Even companies such as Amazon (AMZN) do not monetize their customer base initially, and as long as there are subscribers it will come.  Making viewers happy is key and will keep them coming back.

I believe this stock could get to 20 cents per share within 6 months if positive news comes out and if we see some revenue growth.  Over the past few months, the stock price has fallen and I believe that it is due for a rebound here.

Disclosure, I am long AMZN but have no position in NTEK.

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