Thursday, November 6, 2014

Solar3D - SLTD

Today I am recommending SLTD for short term trading.  Today's positive momentum looks sustainable on a short term basis.  There is excitment in this stock and I see this being able to continue for a week or two.  I would recommend buying this stock for a quick turnaround profit.  I have no position in SLTD.

Update - 11/10/2014.  Based on the stock's rapid price appreciation to end last week, I believe that this is the rally we were waiting for.  As a result, I now find shares overvalued and if I were a shareholder, which I am not, I would recommend selling SLTD and taking profits here.


  1. Anyone who buys this and doesn't hold for at least six months is going to be royally kicking themselves in the future. You have obviously done very very shallow DD on this company, and your followers are not going to be thanking you down the road. My recommendation? BUY AND HOLD LONG!

  2. Agree - buy and hold long! Today SLTD announced the pending acquisition of a second solar panel installation company. Its first acquisition, closed earlier this year, resulted in the first consecutive profitable quarters in the company's history. 3rd quarter results are imminent, and expected (by investors) to have again increased over the previous quarter. This is a great company executing a smart and achievable business plan. Do you own DD, but welcome aboard this winner.

  3. I stand by my opinion, this is how I see SLTD trading short term.