Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stocks That Could Rise 20% In 2 Weeks $PBR $PBR.A $ITUB $RIO $ECIG

Today I wanted to highlight some stocks that I think are low risk and that could rise 20% in 2 weeks.  Please note, I am long all of these stocks.

PBR and PBR.A pay a high dividend yield, yet are trading around $7 per share.  The dividend yield is high and these have been beaten down so much that I think a 20% rise in 2 weeks is realistic.

Same with Rio Tinto, RIO.  The stock may also pay a special dividend in February of 2015.

ITUB, Itau, also can do the same and is trading at a bargain price.

ECIG is the blog's play of the week - top pick here.

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