Friday, December 12, 2014

Two Winners - $ECIG and $MCIG

I must first disclose that I am long $ECIG and $MCIG.

Please read, if you would like to, my post from earlier tonight about ECIG.  It is my top play for next week and after a 30% gain in one day on $AZFL, I am on a winning streak.  That can also be seen here as well.

$ECIG has high sales and the current market valuation is less than .25x yearly sales.  If anyone can raise funds if need be, I am betting on this company with Victory and Fin e-cigs that has products for sale in such places as Walgreens.  This is a growing company and is the best share price value I have seen in a long time IMO.

$MCIG just spun off Vitacig to shareholders and it will begin trading soon on the market either as VCIG or VITA.  MCIG shareholders retain a 47% ownership in it, so everyone wins if it does well and it has been reported that Vitacig sales are growing much faster than MCIG or Vapolution.  Mcig also just opened a new retail store in Hollywood to sell Vitacig and Mcig products.

These small companies are going to be two winners in an e-cig market that is poised to grow 10 fold in the next three years per a Wells Fargo analyst.

Catch them while you can IMO, long MCIG and ECIG.


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  2. On the right of the page, below an Amazon ad, there is a link to subscribe to posts and/or comments. Also, below that on the right side as well, there is a place to enter your email to subscribe by email. Thanks for your interest.