Sunday, December 14, 2014

Undervalued Penny Stocks $ECIG $MCIG $ERBB $AZFL $GRDO

For December 15, 2014 (Monday), and the week coming, I have some stocks I want to recommend to investors because I believe that these will be the plays of the week.

For my strongest play of the day and the week, I believe ECIG is the way to go.  The price drop cannot be explained and I think it is overly sold.  In my previous posts over the last couple of days, I have explained why I think it is undervalued and also about how I believe if it is bought out, that it will jump in price.

Please remember, with penny stocks and OTC stocks, they can be volatile.  My other pick this week is mCig, and I believe it will rise in price significantly as well.

Another pick I like is ERBB, as I believe it has been stagnant for too long and I believe we will see another bull market in marijuana penny stocks again soon.

As for AZFL, I sold out of my position last week.  That does not mean that I do not see potential for further gains, because I do.  However I also think that the opportunity in ECIG warrants selling AZFL to buy ECIG.

I am also watching GRDO as I think it has some potential for short term gains too.

Disclosure, I am long ECIG, MCIG, and ERBB.

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