Friday, January 9, 2015

$ECIG $MCIG $VTCQ Stock Price Perspective from Analyst Read Here

Let's go ahead and put things in perspective for those who are investing in shares of ecig, mcig, and vtcq.  mCig and Vitacig operate in the vapor markets, as does ecig, which in the case of the latter focuses on traditional tobacco e-cigarettes.

These industries are in their infancy.  What we do know is that these markets are expected to grow astronomically over the next few years.   The sales of the companies are growing fast, but reflect the nature of where the industries stand now.

For patient investors, it is important to remember that until this growth is realized, growing pains and costs associated with capturing growing market shares are to be expected.  If you are willing to wait 5 years to see where these stocks will be, I would say that you might be pleasantly surprised.

A Wells Fargo analyst expects the e-cig market to grow 10 fold in around this time frame.  If you multiply the current sales of the companies by 1,000%, you will arrive at what sales might be if they only keep the small market shares that they have.

I think that there is a chance that they can do even better than that, and if that happens or even if it doesn't, they still are buyout candidates from larger companies particularly once things settle more in the industries.

Disclosure, long all of these shares.

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