Monday, January 5, 2015

$ECIG Share Price Makes No Sense Read Why Here

I am long ECIG.    Here is one simple reason why its share price makes no sense.  The e-cigs Victory and Fin brand are in major stores.  When I went to a Walgreens, there they were right there next to the Blue e-cigs and every other one, in a major store reaching a large number of buyers.

I have seen them in smoke shops in large metropolitan areas as well.  Just for this reason, this is something that the small players cannot do.

ECIG is doing it, and they are going to be a major player in a growing industry that a Wells Fargo analyst estimates will be $10 billion in size before too long.  A less than 7 cent per share trading price is absurd.  It won't last long in my opinion.  Load up shares, enjoy it while you can.

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