Wednesday, January 7, 2015

OTC Stocks $MCIG $FNMA $VTCQ $ECIG in Focus for 1/8/2015

Right now, stock futures are currently pointing toward a higher market open for 1/8/2015.  If stocks go up, the ones on the OTC market I will be watching tomorrow are mcig, fnma, vtcq, and ecig.

Now ecig is not one that I expect to do well as it is in a severe slump.  Shares traded horribly today and are now making a push to break lower than 5 cents per share.  I am simply looking for fluctuation here as I anticipate a large price change one way or another rather than a quiet day.

VTCQ started trading today and had a wide range of .01-.20 on the day.  It will settle soon, particularly once it opens up completely.  If you own shares, there will be opportunities to sell or buy more.  It is unclear yet if there will be a lot more fluctuation and volatility.  mCig is tied to Vitacig since it owns about 50% of the company still, and upside helps mCig shareholders as a result.

Fannie Mae got a huge boost today and investors will be looking toward tomorrow for more direction.

Disclosure, I am long all of these shares.

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