Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shares of $ECIG Continue to Decline - Retail Investor Favorite

While shares of ECIG continue to decline, the stock remains a favorite among retail investors with interested parties based on Internet searches reaching record levels.

I am long shares and believe this is an extreme opportunity to buy shares.

The performance of this stock over the past week is baffling to me, and I cannot stand to reason how a stock this popular can continue to steadily decline.  Sometimes the stock market defies expectations and this certainly fits this mold as far as I am concerned.

With the new $4 million market campaign, more and more people will not only learn about Fin e-cigs, but also about the shares of the company that makes them.

I will wait with my shares for profits, and am ready to be patient because when I see the product selling in stores, I know that it is the real deal.

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