Monday, April 18, 2016

Analyst Highlights SFOR - Strikeforce Technologies

I must start by disclosing that I am long SFOR $SFOR and believe that Strikeforce Technologies is a strong investment.  There are several reasons why this makes a good investment in my opinion:

1.  SFOR just received a lump sum settlement from patent infringement in the amount of $4.9 million net of attorney fees based on its most recently filed 10-K statement.  This amount will be recorded as revenue in the first quarter of 2016, with the 10-Q filing due May 15, 2016.  It also appears based on due diligence that SFOR will also be receiving recurring royalty/license revenue from this as well.  I believe this may also be recorded in the first quarter revenue of 2016.

2.  Its two current main products - Guarded ID and MobileTrust are selling on Amazon and Target Online, with it due in Target brick and mortar stores in June of 2016 based on what the company has stated.  The links in the products above will bring you to Target's website showing those.  They are also for sale at Amazon and at the company's own website.  Strikeforce Technologies

3.  It has been stated on Investor Hub boards and by the CEO of SFOR that there is the potential for more lawsuits regarding patent infringement that could favor SFOR.

4.  The company has also agreed to have its product sold for $9 million and recurring revenue share from this to Cyber Safety, Inc. per an 8-K filing.

All in all I believe $SFOR is a solid stock and I have initiated a long position in it.

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