Sunday, April 24, 2016

SFOR Strikeforce Top Seller Rank on Amazon - Amazing Sales

If retail is the test for bigger potential sales for SFOR products - it is passing with flying colors for its Amazon sales based on what I can see.  Check out the ranking of its products on Amazon!  Guarded ID has moved all the way up to the top 2,500 of all software products in sales rank, #18 currently in networking and servers right now, #6 best seller currently in network security and #1 most wished for.  #1 in hot new releases in networking and servers, Mobile Trust is #1 top rated networking and servers product.  On and on and this does not even count Target or sales from its website.  Now remember folks, these sales are in April so what we see here might end up getting reflected in the 10-Q for the second quarter.  I have personally watched these products move up in sales rank on Amazon and let me tell you, it was not ranked this high even a week ago.  Some say that retail is the test before large companies will take out a big order - so we are laying the groundwork here for massive sales to come later this year in my opinion.  SFOR is getting it done.

I may hold a position in SFOR stock.

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