Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dolat Ventures $DOLV Looks Cheap Here

Shares of Dolat Ventures, ticker symbol DOLV $DOLV look like they could bounce higher here.  Currently today they are trading at about 3.9 cents per share, whereas in recent weeks shares have been .06+ per share.  Near term I feel they could retrace those levels.  If it does, you are looking at 50%+ returns.  There is definitely potential here that I can see, as it is a very popular stock.  Having such a following helps.  I have no position in this stock.  Please conduct your own due diligence while choosing stocks to research.

As people continue to pass up shares at these levels, it could be a great buying opportunity.  All it takes is retracing the highs of the year to be able to profit nicely from this play.  The level of risk tolerance though has to be acceptable to the investor.

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