Wednesday, July 19, 2017

$OTTV 7/19/17 Stock Analysis Viva Entertainment Group

I wanted to discuss $OTTV OTTV Viva Entertainment Group.  As of this morning before stock trading starts, the share price sits at .0019.  This is close to the trips level that the stock was at prior to the run up based on promising developments of OTTV television subscription sales that started rolling in.  The buzz and stir that was created on iHub, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media and news sites has been astounding.  Most people in the OTC world have heard of Viva Entertainment Group.

The share price looks very compelling to me here.  Although the company just increased authorized shares to 6 billion or so, which is alarming, this may not mean that this will end up being the number of outstanding shares.  In my opinion the debt taken on has been necessary to fund the advertising and subscription roll out plans.  The more important item here as I see it is if these efforts to gain subscribers work.  That will determine whether the debt can be repaid and a profit can be made.  On that note, I believe it is too early to tell how effective this has been.

At this point I would say it is up to what you think.  If you think the product is great and will be a massive hit, then the stock price should look great to you here for buying.  If you think it won't make it, then the debt will not be able to be repaid.  The stir created about the stock has propelled subscriptions to be much brisker than they would have been otherwise, in my opinion.  This is a plus on the winning long's side.  I like the stock here and feel it has a better chance of succeeding than most OTC plays.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have no position in OTTV stock.

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