Tuesday, July 18, 2017

OTTV Viva Entertainment Price Reaction $OTTV

Viva Entertainment Group, ticker symbol OTTV $OTTV has had severe negative price reactions over the past few days in response to what appears to be a letdown from its earnings report.

This does not surprise me as the positive catalysts that have transpired have come after the time of the report that recent earnings covered.  In my opinion, this represents a great buying opportunity for the stock.

Long-term investors have to remember that the upward trajectory and momentum that this stock is experience could propel subscriber levels to massive highs as the year progresses.  The buzz generated by this company has been phenomenal.  Marketing is also set to kick in after the movies are all uploaded onto the company website and if marketing is successful, we could see 1,000's of subscribers.  Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have no position in OTTV stock.

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