Friday, July 21, 2017

Strikeforce Technologies Investor Due Diligence - Undervalued

Strikeforce Technologies stock, ticker symbol SFOR $SFOR is undervalued in my opinion.  This article will present due diligence I have used to come to this decision.  This might be helpful for people to be able to decide for themselves whether they believe SFOR is worthy of a further look for them.

The company is following a track with massive potential as far as I see it.  This is based on several items that are ongoing and let's start with the litigation strategy.

Strikeforce Technologies is currently suing seven companies for patent infringement.  It is represented by Blank Rome and Ropes and Gray, which are high quality law firms for patent litigation.  A press release describing this has been released here

The company is likely seeking licensing fees in addition to settlement amounts that are fixed dollar amounts.  With its first settlement coming against Microsoft, investors are giddy about the chances here and so far I am optimistic about what could transpire here.  There is no way to know how long these cases will take and/or if they will go to trial.

Next, we will discuss the retail strategy of Strikeforce.  Its GuardedID and MobileTrust products are in stores such as Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, and Amazon though in my opinion the outlet that will cause the best immediate impact is HSN.  It has been on television twice so far and a press release describing its initial launch is highlighted here

This has been a long time coming.  In my estimation, the two airings will impact second quarter earnings that are due to be released around August 15th and I estimate that revenue could exceed $75,000 from this so far.  Of course, that is a general estimation based on opinion.

GuardedID is also doing well selling on Amazon.

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to discuss the channel partners.  In this case, a company called Advanced Cyber Security is one of the companies selling Strikeforce branded products for a commission, and is paying Strikeforce a percentage of sales.  So what does this mean for Strikeforce and is this good?

Take a look at this website

Names such as Intel and McAfee come up and clients such as First Data and AON have been mentioned.  This is a huge reason why the company (via CEO Mark Kay) I believe has said that the second half of this year may indeed be very exciting.  The revenue deals look to be coming in or starting to at least.  This is what we have been waiting for. 

Cygate is a Strikeforce Technologies branded product and is also being resold here

The possibilities here are endless.  Some say Intel TrueKey may be a partnership with ACS/SFOR.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have a position in SFOR stock. $SFOR

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