Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Strikeforce Technologies Retail Sales Report July 2017

This article will highlight the efforts of Strikeforce Technologies as the retail sales of GuardedID and MobileTrust have started to pick up in my opinion.  As a shareholder of the company, I am excited to see these developments.

The following locations are where and how to find the products, with Amazon currently having a sales price of $19.99 for GuardedID and MobileTrust and even lower at $14.99 for an online download of GuardedID.  This retail report starts with the Amazon prime day url location:

HSN is another big source for sales of the two software titles, as Strikeforce has been on television twice so far airing the products.  Television tallies have shown thousands sold.

As you see these listings, please remember to pick up a copy for yourself.

Also, some are not aware yet that GuardedID is available online at Best Buy as well

Staples also:

eBay sellers list MobileTrust from time to time and here is a great deal at $21.55 here

And last but not least let us remember that the company website has the products available too.

As does Target.

Long SFOR, more reports coming soon.

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