Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Viva Entertainment Group $OTTV is a Great Stock

Viva Entertainment Group,  ticker symbol OTTV $OTTV is a great stock to consider for investors.  The buzz created in recent weeks by the company, its shareholders, message boards and social media has propelled the company's app and over the top television application to an enviable position.

People don't realize how powerful the company's marketing efforts have proven to be so far, and word is that more efforts are on the way.  VivaLive TV has over 1,000 downloads on Android alone

The company has indicated on its Twitter page that it has many subscribers who are paying for services.  All of this adds up to a compelling stock at this time, in my opinion as this momentum is likely to continue.  Please note, I own no position in this stock.



  1. Definitely a long term hold for me. VivaLive TV has positioned itself to be a major player in the OTT industry, a disruptive tech, with a large focus and following on the Hispanic community in the US and beyond. Big moves coming for OTTV, imo

  2. I definitely am interested in the stock as well. The company has received free advertising from the high level of input that is being received from shareholders and interested parties in social media and such recently. The buzz is really important here as this could turn into a major competitor in the television market in short order. Some companies cannot create such a stir even with a huge marketing budget. There is definitely interest and passion for what is being done here, and you can't just hope for that.