Friday, August 4, 2017

$BVTK and $OTTV Bravatek and VivaLive August 4, 2017 Stock Opinion

For trading today, on August 4, 2017, in $BVTK and $OTTV we are seeing dramatic price movement downward.  In my humble opinion, I believe that these are temporary downward moves.  The share prices of both stocks have increased dramatically over the last month or so and down days are inevitable as a result.  This is due to traders with shorter term outlooks that have the ability to dictate the price movement on any given day, despite the fact that there are still buyers.  Days are simply made up of what people are willing to pay, and today the sellers are outnumbering the buyers.  I like both stocks long term and view this as a potential buying opportunity.   Disclosure, I have no position in either stock.

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