Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Strikeforce Technologies $SFOR HSN Greenroom Management Discussion

Yesterday on HSN, the Home Shopping Network, in the 8 pm eastern time slot, GuardedID and MobileTrust bundles sold over 2,800 units based on what was shown on television.  This is mighty impressive if you ask me.

One thing indicated on television was that the company works with big corporations and governmental agencies.  Also, it was stated that company reps from Strikeforce were in the Greenroom.

What does this mean?  Were they there to pitch other products to HSN?  Were they making connections with other sellers in the Greenroom that could lead to more retail opportunities?  Were they answering product questions?  All of this I do not know but I encourage you to comment on this post to begin this discussion.

In full disclosure I must disclose that I have a long position in Strikeforce Technologies stock, ticker symbol SFOR $SFOR.

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