Thursday, February 1, 2018

Blake Griffin 2009-10 Rookie Card Detroit Pistons

The Blake Griffin rookie basketball card is in 2009-10 card sets.  He recently has been traded to the Detroit Pistons and Blake Griffin is gearing up for playoff contention in the NBA.

Some rookie cards of Blake Griffin that you will find here include his 2009-10 Topps gold parallel rookie card, #316 in the set.  There is also his base one of these cards, and that has a value of about $4 on eBay currently.  I would look for the gold parallel at around $15.

There is a nice Panini Status /10 rookie autograph of Blake Griffin that recently sold for $69.99 on eBay.

Blake Griffin is a rookie along with Stephen Curry from this year in basketball cards.  These are two great players to have in your basketball card collection.

Panini Classics has a rookie autograph of Griffin that is worth about $35 currently as well.  Find these cards and more here.

Here are some other 2017-18 Panini Contenders (and Panini Instant) rookie cards - Dillon Brooks rookie cards also Markelle Fultz rookie cards from 2017-18.  Hoops is just out.  Furthermore, I would also like to feature:

Lonzo Ball 2017-18 Rookie Cards from Panini 2017-18 basketball cards.

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