Saturday, October 4, 2014

mCig at 26 Cents a Share

With ticker symbol mcig trading at only about 26 cents a share right now, we are setting up for a nice rally if we can see strength from the beginning of 2015 as we did in 2014.  The fact remains that legalization of marijuana in several more states is possible.  The elections coming up will give us an indication of whether or not this could happen sooner rather than later.   With the vape pen that the company produces, you can put in cannabis into it as well.  If it can get it placed, along with its Vitacig, in commercial stores that people can buy in person, this company's stock could go through the roof.  Also, the company should maintain its discipline of high gross margins on sales.  It will have to sacrifice a little of that to gain entry into larger stores, but volume and still maintaining a profitable margin should be achievable.

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