Saturday, December 20, 2014

Analyst Stock Picks - $ECIG and $AZFL

In picking stocks here, I gave out a winning opinion on $CTIX to start last month.  It went up at least 30%.  Then, I followed that with $AZFL and sold out of it myself in about a day for about a 30% gain.

My pick for this week is $ECIG again.  I picked it last week and it rose over 50% but the week before, it started on Friday down a lot.  As a result, I still think it is very undervalued and think that it can easily go to .18 per share or higher this week.  I am picking it for the next week and am making it this week's top play on this site.

Please note, this is not investment advice, just my opinion.  I am long ECIG.

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