Friday, December 19, 2014

Undervalued Stocks Perking Up This Week $PBR $T $RIO $VALE

So far this week, many stocks that were poor performers in recent weeks are starting to rise in price again.

Today, shares of VALE are up over 6%, a welcome rise for the iron ore giant.  This also is the case with Rio Tinto, ticker symbol RIO, as shares were down to almost $40 per share but are back over $45 per share.

T is also doing better, as it had traded as low as around $32 with a dividend yield of 5.8%.  Now it is back over $33 and still has a relatively high dividend yield compared to its historical yield.

Petrobras is also showing signs of life, with PBR rallying this week after hitting multi year lows.

These are stocks to watch going forward.  I am long all of these shares.    

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