Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bravatek Solutions - BVTK $BVTK 8/2/17 Opinion

For the company Bravatek Solutions, ticker symbol BVTK $BVTK, I am starting to form an opinion on the stock.  However I must disclose that I do  not currently have a position in it.

The company has strong leadership, and impressive to me indeed is the resume of the CEO.  There is also a rumor that BVTK may be partnering in some fashion with $SFOR and this indeed is something I like as I am long SFOR.  I believe this started when at least one tweet was exchanged between the companies.

Other than that, the price reaction in recent days of BVTK has been very favorable.  Time will tell but I will certainly keep my eye on the stock.

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