Wednesday, August 2, 2017

$SFOR Strikeforce Technologies Mark Kay Interview Opinion

Mark Kay of Strikeforce Technologies, ticker symbol SFOR $SFOR gave an interview yesterday in which he discussed ongoing events of the company.  My key takeaways were as follows.

We learned that Strikeforce will be on HSN two more times in August.  In my opinion, short term this is huge because of the other factor we learned more about.  Mr. Kay indicated that we should see sales hit revenue by the end of this year for the big ones in the works.  This probably will be later in the year as he indicated.  What makes this great is HSN will have two airings in August for GuardedID and MobileTrust and this is bound to increase revenue as well while we wait.

The other exciting aspect is that he said sales from these big places later in the year will surpass sales to date.  That tells me we are hopefully in for some exciting numbers.  The retail arm also looks to be growing to me.  In conclusion, I am long SFOR and like where we are headed.

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