Wednesday, August 2, 2017

$OTTV Viva Entertainment Group 8/2/17 Opinion

As this is written please note, I have no position in OTTV currently but may possibly be looking to add shares soon.

The stock price of OTTV $OTTV has risen dramatically in the last week.  The momentum that the company has can be attributed, in my opinion, to further traction in growing its Roku offering along with advertising efforts.

Investors are excited about where VivaLive TV could go in the future, and sales definitely are coming in.  The subscription packages that the company offers are in high demand.

I must admit, I have underestimated the staying power of OTTV's rally, the share price is doing great.  It is definitely an OTC stock that has a chance of making it big and to the NASDAQ one day in my opinion.

I like this stock and also like $SFOR, of which I am long.

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