Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week Ahead Stock Market in Focus

Coming up this week, investors will look to see if we have an upward bias in the stock market.  Last week provided some up days and Friday was good.  It will be interesting to see as the market looks to hopefully having another up year as a whole, with S&P 500 gains of 10-15% this year desirable.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Penny Stock Frenzy $ECIG $MINE $CTIX $MCIG $VTCQ Read Here

Lately, the penny stocks mentioned here have been on a roll.  But how do you get the top picks before the movies in the stock market for otc happen?  That requires a heads up before the market makers and traders make their moves.  Look no further, I have found something for you.
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Vitacig just started trading and ECIG is having a rocky year so far but all of these stocks mentioned here I feel have a decent chance of turning into something.

Disclosure, I am long ECIG, MCIG, and VTCQ.

Friday, January 9, 2015

$ECIG $MCIG $VTCQ Stock Price Perspective from Analyst Read Here

Let's go ahead and put things in perspective for those who are investing in shares of ecig, mcig, and vtcq.  mCig and Vitacig operate in the vapor markets, as does ecig, which in the case of the latter focuses on traditional tobacco e-cigarettes.

These industries are in their infancy.  What we do know is that these markets are expected to grow astronomically over the next few years.   The sales of the companies are growing fast, but reflect the nature of where the industries stand now.

For patient investors, it is important to remember that until this growth is realized, growing pains and costs associated with capturing growing market shares are to be expected.  If you are willing to wait 5 years to see where these stocks will be, I would say that you might be pleasantly surprised.

A Wells Fargo analyst expects the e-cig market to grow 10 fold in around this time frame.  If you multiply the current sales of the companies by 1,000%, you will arrive at what sales might be if they only keep the small market shares that they have.

I think that there is a chance that they can do even better than that, and if that happens or even if it doesn't, they still are buyout candidates from larger companies particularly once things settle more in the industries.

Disclosure, long all of these shares.

$PBR $PBR-A is not Your Typical $7 Per Share Stock Read Why Here

Petrobras shares are trading at about $7 per share on the U.S. ADR market.  This is not your typical $7 per share stock.  For the preferred shares, the dividend paid this year to shareholders was 77 cents per share.  The earnings this year, which will determine the dividend in 2015, have not changed much.  For this reason, you just do not see a lot of companies, let alone an oil stock trade this low with that high of a dividend.  Real estate stocks do, but this is a different animal and Petrobras has no shortage of oil.  Once the corruption issue is resolved and the Brazil economy starts to expand, I have no doubt that this stock price will correct to higher levels.

Disclosure, I am long PBR and PBR-A.

$PBR Looking Oversold - Analyst Comments

Today, shares of Petrobras are on the rise again, bouncing back from earlier day losses.

The stock looks oversold here, and I would use that as an explanation as to why the stock has rallied strongly for the past two days.

I am long Petrobras and find to me that it is the most undervalued stock of 2015.

$ECIG Stock Roars Back on 3x Normal Trading Volume Analyst Reports Here

Shares of ECIG are rallying by 29% or so currently in the stock market today.  This is a welcome development, as shares have been hammered recently.  Today's tick higher was anticipated by investors.

In my estimation, the share price should rise considerably over the long term.  The company is here to stay and is growing market share and revenue in the competitive e-cig market.

Disclosure, long ECIG.

$DSCR is in the Marijuana Industry - Trading at .0011

Shares of DSCR are trading at only .0011 per share today, down about 21% from the previous close today at the current moment.  There is some chatter going on about the stock on social media, and it could be a time to catch the shares in a down swing, and find an undervalued pot stock.

We will watch this one closely to see if more news develops.

Disclosure, I have no position in DSCR.

$ELRA Elray Gaming Acquires Additional Stake in Golden Galaxy Casino

This ownership stake has been increased to 48%, read the details here per Yahoo! Finance.

I am long ELRA and am being patient since the stock is much lower in stock trading price than it was when I bought it.

$ECIG Shares Finally Marching Higher Today - Stock Watch

Shares of ECIG have finally broken their week-long slump today, as they are trading higher by over 13% currently.  At one point today, they nearly got back to 5 cents per share, which was a significant leap from their closing price on 1/8/2015.

Disclosure, I am long ECIG.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

$VTCQ $MCIG Expect Pressured Selling With VitaCig

I would expect that some investors in shares of mCig will sell their shares of VitaCig when trying to consolidate their investments in mCig and sell out of the spun off shares that they have received.

This, in my opinion, is not a wise strategy and I personally would like to own shares in both companies.

These companies are widely believed to be undervalued by many investors, and I think that at some point this patience will be rewarded.

Disclosure, I am long both companies' stock.

$PBR and $CPB Potential Stock Watch for Low Valuation

Shares of Petrobras and Campbells Soup are both on watch for potentially being undervalued.  I own shares of both companies in full disclosure.

Petrobras gained over 9% today as oil prices rebounded, which is my opinion is likely to continue sooner rather than later.

Shares of Campbells are on watch for a potential buyout from 3G Capital, which could value the stock higher than what it is trading at now.

Keep watching for possible rises in the share prices of these names.

Retail Investors Stung by $ECIG and $VTCQ Resumes Trading $MCIG

Today, we are seeing yet another route of shares of ECIG.  The shares are now pushing toward 4 cents per share in price.  I noted yesterday that I expect a large fluctuation in trading today, though I was hoping that would be higher not lower.  There is nothing I can say about these shares now, other than I am holding out to see what happens.

VTCQ resumes trading today and has been range bound, with the high being 8 cents per share and 6 cents per share on the low for Vita Cig.  MCIG shareholders still own a large portion of the company, and having retail investors price the MCIG shares as VTCQ fluctuates is going to be an interesting display.

I am long shares of all of these companies.

$PBR $CLF Undervalued Stocks Shining Today in Market

Shares of Petrobras and Cliffs Natural Resources are shining again in stock market trading today.  Please note that Petrobras was named the undervalued stock of the year by this blog for 2015.  With these low asset prices for both companies, now could be a supreme time to buy shares or add to positions to lower cost per share.  While no one knows if and when these stocks will start going up consistently, we do know that both companies pay healthy dividends to pay you to wait.

Disclosure, I am long both companies.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

OTC Stocks $MCIG $FNMA $VTCQ $ECIG in Focus for 1/8/2015

Right now, stock futures are currently pointing toward a higher market open for 1/8/2015.  If stocks go up, the ones on the OTC market I will be watching tomorrow are mcig, fnma, vtcq, and ecig.

Now ecig is not one that I expect to do well as it is in a severe slump.  Shares traded horribly today and are now making a push to break lower than 5 cents per share.  I am simply looking for fluctuation here as I anticipate a large price change one way or another rather than a quiet day.

VTCQ started trading today and had a wide range of .01-.20 on the day.  It will settle soon, particularly once it opens up completely.  If you own shares, there will be opportunities to sell or buy more.  It is unclear yet if there will be a lot more fluctuation and volatility.  mCig is tied to Vitacig since it owns about 50% of the company still, and upside helps mCig shareholders as a result.

Fannie Mae got a huge boost today and investors will be looking toward tomorrow for more direction.

Disclosure, I am long all of these shares.

Shares of $VTCQ Trade as High as 20 Cents Per Share Today

In activity today on the stock exchange, shares of Vitacig are trading at 10 cents per share at my last check.  Also, today they traded as high as 20 cents per share.  If that price were to hold up, this could be a watershed moment for investors of both mCig and Vitacig.

Long both shares.

Share Price of $ECIG Dips as low as 5 cents on 1/7/2015 - at 6 cents Now

With shares of $ECIG trading as low as 5 cents per share today, it is my opinion that the drop in share price has caused many investors to give up and sell their shares.

In my opinion, this is not a good strategy.  I am long $ECIG and feel it will rebound strongly at some point.

Shares of $ECIG Continue to Decline - Retail Investor Favorite

While shares of ECIG continue to decline, the stock remains a favorite among retail investors with interested parties based on Internet searches reaching record levels.

I am long shares and believe this is an extreme opportunity to buy shares.

The performance of this stock over the past week is baffling to me, and I cannot stand to reason how a stock this popular can continue to steadily decline.  Sometimes the stock market defies expectations and this certainly fits this mold as far as I am concerned.

With the new $4 million market campaign, more and more people will not only learn about Fin e-cigs, but also about the shares of the company that makes them.

I will wait with my shares for profits, and am ready to be patient because when I see the product selling in stores, I know that it is the real deal.

$VTCQ Will mCig's Vita Cig Spin Off Increase $MCIG Share Price?

With the upcoming spin off of Vita Cig coming close to completion as far as the initial trading of VTCQ on the stock market, the question becomes is the opening value of Vita Cig already reflected in the share price of mCig.

mCig retains a large ownership position in Vita Cig after this spin off, and if the share price of Vita Cig rises, its investors will reap further rewards.

Since there is no market value yet for Vita Cig that is readily determinable, it is hard for mCig to properly reflect that in its financial statements.

In my opinion, there is already a value assigned to the Vita Cig shares that is modest, perhaps around 5 cents per share.  Anything beyond that would be a boon to investors of both companies.

With mCig shares trading around 17 cents per share, adding in say 10 cents a share for Vita Cig would bring mCig back to trade in total to about what it was at this time last year before the large increase in share price.  Obviously, that was then followed by a steep decline that has brought us here.  I believe this trend will reverse, however, and I am long both shares while expecting great things.

$BABA Shares of Alibaba Retreat off of Intraday High of $104.74

Today, shares of Alibaba have come off of the intraday high of $104.74 set earlier in the day.

I believe this has been a strong move up, and it will be interesting to see if shares can break that level as the day progresses.

I strongly feel that Alibaba is very undervalued, and that rarely will you find such a solid company with unprecedented growth opportunities in a large economy.

Disclosure, I am long BABA.

$CLF $TGT $CHL Stocks Making Waves on 1/7/2015 - Share Price Appreciation

Today in the stock market, shares of Cliffs Natural Resources, Target, and China Mobile are all moving sharply higher.

Leading the charge is Cliffs, with shares of CLF trading higher by close to 9%.  This is welcome news for investors, as the stock has literally struggled consistently over the recent time.

Target has no news out that I can see, yet the stock reached a new 52 week intraday high today.

China Mobile shares are moving upward in strong fashion as well, with a potential for more gains since I view this stock as being deeply undervalued.

Disclosure, I am long all of these shares. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

US Futures Market Higher - China Mobile Trading Higher

The futures for the stock market open are higher currently, with the Dow futures strongly higher.  In Hong Kong trading, China Mobile shares are up by about 2%.

$ECIG Top OTC Stock? I Think So

Previously, my favorite Orc stock for a top buy was FNMA.  I still like it, but now feel that ECIG is the top Orc stock for potential undervalued gains.   The share price is so low, and it just announced a new $4 million advertising campaign.  Disclosure long FNMA and ECIG.

Risk Reward in International Stocks

Right now, with the depressed market values of many international stocks, the risk to reward ratio is looking very promising for many of these names.

In my opinion, it is best to stick to the ones who are leaders in market share, which would make them the most likely to be able to ride out the storm of sluggish earnings and economies.

I like to seek out the market leaders for these stocks, and in other posts here I have indicated which stocks I have long positions in of these.

$VTCQ Vita Cig Spin Off Trading Close $MCIG

There has been some chatter that Vita Cig may be close to trading on the stock exchange soon.  The ticker symbol VTCQ is showing up as a grey market stock symbol right now in some brokerage firm accounts, and investors who own shares are anxious to see what the price per share will be.  Any thoughts on this?

Long MCIG and VTCQ.

$BABA Shares are Rising Today - Alibaba

Today, shares of Alibaba are rallying.  This is great news because the stock has remained dormant since its post IPO run up.

A bright sign is that its stock price has held up over $100 per share, which lends credence to the fact that its rise from its IPO price reflected shares being undervalued at that point.

In my opinion, it will rise above $115 per share this year and I expect it to go to at least $120 per share.

Disclosure, long BABA.

$PBR $RIO $CHL $BACHY International Stocks Poised to Outperform

In essence, major international stocks including PBR, RIO, CHL, MT, and many others have underperformed in recent years when compared to major US stocks.

While this is disconcerting for investors who own these shares, over the long term these stocks have shown a tendency to experience brilliant outperformance at times.  In my opinion, it is inevitable that they will outperform again, though no one knows when that will happen.

This could be the year for that, even if the US stock market does not rise this year.

Disclosure, I am long all of these shares.

$ITUB $ECIG $RIO $MO Stocks Moving Up Today

So far today, it has been a good one for ITUB, ECIG, RIO, and MO.  All of these stocks are outperforming the major index averages.  All we really need in the market is for our stocks to outperform the market averages.

If you can have a stock that outperforms the S&P 500, and you figure that the index will return on average 7% per year over the long term, you put yourself in position to get at least a better rate of return than that.

In that instance, you are beating what you can get in safe bonds.  Happy hunting and I am long all of these stocks.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Marijuana Stocks 1/6/2016

With the pot stock sector rising rapidly yesterday, we will see the open today.  Mcig, phot, ntrr and Anas were impressive today.  Will they be at the open?  Some investors might be banking on it.

$ECIG Share Price Makes No Sense Read Why Here

I am long ECIG.    Here is one simple reason why its share price makes no sense.  The e-cigs Victory and Fin brand are in major stores.  When I went to a Walgreens, there they were right there next to the Blue e-cigs and every other one, in a major store reaching a large number of buyers.

I have seen them in smoke shops in large metropolitan areas as well.  Just for this reason, this is something that the small players cannot do.

ECIG is doing it, and they are going to be a major player in a growing industry that a Wells Fargo analyst estimates will be $10 billion in size before too long.  A less than 7 cent per share trading price is absurd.  It won't last long in my opinion.  Load up shares, enjoy it while you can.

Shares of $ECIG Not Participating in Pot Stock Rally Today

Today, shares of ECIG are not participating in the broad based marijuana stock sector rally.

While this is disappointing, for followers of this blog, you will notice that I am long many pot stock names in addition to ECIG.

The gains in other pot stocks will help us wait out this tough period for ECIG.  I feel the momentum is turning and that it is time to get into many of these names.  Follow this blog and comment and search and see the other pot stocks highlighted here.

Marijuana Stocks Awakening Here - Big Gains? $LATF $ANAS

Two stocks that have been dormant since their bull run early last year are ANAS and LATF.  Please note, I am long both shares.

Today, there is somewhat of a resurgence.  ANAS is up 33% and LATF is up nearly as much.  Both companies were trading close to a penny per share in March of last year before the entire sector swooned.  These companies have steadily been working on their business plans and do have what it takes to emerge in this industry, in my opinion.

Now may be the time to get back into these names if we are going to see another green rush like we did at this time last year.  Today is showing us that it might be time to get in.

$LATF $MCIG $NTRR $AGTK $ERBB Pot Stocks Soaring

Today, these stocks highlighted in the pot sector are absolutely soaring.  LATF and MCIG are up close to, if not higher than, 20% with LATF up a whopping 31.25% at this time.  PHOT is doing well too and the smallest risers are NTRR and ERBB at around a 5% gain on the day.  This is the time last year that these stocks soared so we are looking great heading into the new year.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

$SPX $SPY Futures Unchanged Overnight $3988.HK

so far late Sunday night, US Stock futures are mostly unchanged.  The forex and Hang Seng and ASX are open for trading and Bank of China has reached a new 52 week high.

$COP and $PSX Looking Cheap to Investors Here

Shares of ConocoPhillips and Phillips66 are looking cheap here for investors looking to buy two top oil companies at a discount.  The yields have increased of their dividends and shares should rise if oil prices rebound, which I view as inevitable.  I have no positions in these stocks.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Commodity stocks are too undervalued

If you look around at the prices of stocks tied to prices of metals and oils, it is easy to see that they may be undervalued.  Prices of mining companies and oil companies have been beaten down.  As Warren Buffett has famously stated, the time to buy is when others are fearful.  This looks to be that time for many of these stocks.

Weekend Stock Market Wrap Up

Today in the stock market, stocks were mostly unchanged overall.  The breadth was weak however, with many big names trading lower.  Pot stocks surged today, and oil prices fell again.

How Can Shares of $ECIG Not Rise Here?

It is baffling to me how shares of ECIG are not rising in the stock market here.  Please note, I am long ECIG.

The fact remains that among message boards and searches for OTC stocks, this company is a leader with tons of views per day.  That should translate into investor interest.  It is not clear where the selling pressure is coming from but I believe that things will turn around for ECIG soon.

I am being patient and expect the stock to double in short order.  I may be wrong but that is what I am betting on.

Fundamentals of Petrobras - Undervalued Pick $PBR $PBR.A

For shareholders of Petrobras, ticker symbol PBR and PBR.A for the preferred shares, there is a lot to look forward to.

For one, the preferred shares paid a dividend per ADR of .77 per share in 2014, and more of the same is what I expect for 2015.  I am long shares of Petrobras and think the dividend yield and low stock price represents a good buying opportunity.

The company is earning good money per share and once the Brazilian economy rebounds and the corruption scandal clears, the shares should sail higher.

It is tough to find a bottom here, as the stock price continues to decline.  I believe patient shareholders will be rewarded.

Marijuana Stocks Look Undervalued - Up Big Today

Shares of PHOT are up 19% so far today.  LATF is surging by 16%.  AGTK is up by over 8%.  Shares of ECIG are down slightly so far today, though it is early.  Shares of NTRR are up over 4%.  MCIG is rising by a healthy 7+%.  Enjoy these free reports and please visit often and subscribe to this blog for all the hard work we do for you.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Undervalued Stock Watch $PBR

I own shares of Petrobras, ticker symbol PBR.  This stock strikes me as being very undervalued.  It has good earnings and a healthy dividend yield, but has been struck by economic and political concerns in addition to a corruption scandal.  As a result, I pick PBR as the undervalued stock to own for 2015.