Friday, July 21, 2017

Strikeforce Technologies Investor Due Diligence - Undervalued

Strikeforce Technologies stock, ticker symbol SFOR $SFOR is undervalued in my opinion.  This article will present due diligence I have used to come to this decision.  This might be helpful for people to be able to decide for themselves whether they believe SFOR is worthy of a further look for them.

The company is following a track with massive potential as far as I see it.  This is based on several items that are ongoing and let's start with the litigation strategy.

Strikeforce Technologies is currently suing seven companies for patent infringement.  It is represented by Blank Rome and Ropes and Gray, which are high quality law firms for patent litigation.  A press release describing this has been released here

The company is likely seeking licensing fees in addition to settlement amounts that are fixed dollar amounts.  With its first settlement coming against Microsoft, investors are giddy about the chances here and so far I am optimistic about what could transpire here.  There is no way to know how long these cases will take and/or if they will go to trial.

Next, we will discuss the retail strategy of Strikeforce.  Its GuardedID and MobileTrust products are in stores such as Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, and Amazon though in my opinion the outlet that will cause the best immediate impact is HSN.  It has been on television twice so far and a press release describing its initial launch is highlighted here

This has been a long time coming.  In my estimation, the two airings will impact second quarter earnings that are due to be released around August 15th and I estimate that revenue could exceed $75,000 from this so far.  Of course, that is a general estimation based on opinion.

GuardedID is also doing well selling on Amazon.

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to discuss the channel partners.  In this case, a company called Advanced Cyber Security is one of the companies selling Strikeforce branded products for a commission, and is paying Strikeforce a percentage of sales.  So what does this mean for Strikeforce and is this good?

Take a look at this website

Names such as Intel and McAfee come up and clients such as First Data and AON have been mentioned.  This is a huge reason why the company (via CEO Mark Kay) I believe has said that the second half of this year may indeed be very exciting.  The revenue deals look to be coming in or starting to at least.  This is what we have been waiting for. 

Cygate is a Strikeforce Technologies branded product and is also being resold here

The possibilities here are endless.  Some say Intel TrueKey may be a partnership with ACS/SFOR.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have a position in SFOR stock. $SFOR

Thursday, July 20, 2017

GuardedID Sells out on Amazon $SFOR - 2nd Quarter Update

Strikeforce Technologies' GuardedID product has sold out on Amazon.   See for yourself here, there are no more available from Amazon that ship immediately.  In my opinion this proves the success GuardedID is having.

Strikeforce Technologies will release second quarter 2017 earnings on or around August 15, 2017.  Investors are excited to see what transpires in addition to finding out what the second half of the year has in store for us.  CEO Mark Kay has indicated that this has the potential of being a great and exciting year for the company.  Advanced Cyber Security (ACS), a channel partner of Strikeforce, is believed to have made some exciting traction in bringing in new clients.

Find GuardedID listed on eBay below and many items are in stock.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have a position in SFOR stock. $SFOR

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Viva Entertainment Group OTTV July 2017 Stock Value

July 2017 has been an exciting time for shareholders and prospective shareholders of Viva Entertainment Group, ticker symbol OTTV.

Soon, the Company will have uploaded 10,000 or so movies to their Internet television portal, for all subscribers to watch on demand.  This service promises to be spectacular in my opinion, and will be exciting to find out how many subscribers the Company gains over the next few weeks.

A full out marketing campaign to follow that has been promised, and although there is a cost involved, I believe it may well be worth it.  More subscribers would be a great thing.

Some of the strongest believers in the service believe OTTV will one day rival Netflix.  That remains to be seen and would take mountains of progress, but hey believing it will happen is a start.

Let's see where the next year takes OTTV.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have no position in OTTV stock.

$OTTV 7/19/17 Stock Trading Action - VivaLive TV

So far today, shares of Viva Entertainment Group $OTTV have been rebounding nicely.  They were up .0002 the last time I saw, up about 10%.   This is a welcome sign for investors as the stock was hammered in the last few sessions.  The price now is well above the trips.  It may continue being volatile in future trading sessions until traders determine OTTV's market capitalization.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have no position in OTTV stock.

$OTTV 7/19/17 Stock Analysis Viva Entertainment Group

I wanted to discuss $OTTV OTTV Viva Entertainment Group.  As of this morning before stock trading starts, the share price sits at .0019.  This is close to the trips level that the stock was at prior to the run up based on promising developments of OTTV television subscription sales that started rolling in.  The buzz and stir that was created on iHub, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media and news sites has been astounding.  Most people in the OTC world have heard of Viva Entertainment Group.

The share price looks very compelling to me here.  Although the company just increased authorized shares to 6 billion or so, which is alarming, this may not mean that this will end up being the number of outstanding shares.  In my opinion the debt taken on has been necessary to fund the advertising and subscription roll out plans.  The more important item here as I see it is if these efforts to gain subscribers work.  That will determine whether the debt can be repaid and a profit can be made.  On that note, I believe it is too early to tell how effective this has been.

At this point I would say it is up to what you think.  If you think the product is great and will be a massive hit, then the stock price should look great to you here for buying.  If you think it won't make it, then the debt will not be able to be repaid.  The stir created about the stock has propelled subscriptions to be much brisker than they would have been otherwise, in my opinion.  This is a plus on the winning long's side.  I like the stock here and feel it has a better chance of succeeding than most OTC plays.

Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have no position in OTTV stock.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2002 Tom Brady Second Year Football Cards

2002 Tom Brady second year football cards are red hot right now.  Leading the way are Tom Brady SP Authentic and SPX cards, and if you look carefully there are a few 2001 cards available as well.  These were way more limited than most collectors have realized and now these second year cards of Brady are starting to increase dramatically in value.  Topps Chrome is also a great card of his from 2002.  Find them listed here.

OTTV Viva Entertainment Price Reaction $OTTV

Viva Entertainment Group, ticker symbol OTTV $OTTV has had severe negative price reactions over the past few days in response to what appears to be a letdown from its earnings report.

This does not surprise me as the positive catalysts that have transpired have come after the time of the report that recent earnings covered.  In my opinion, this represents a great buying opportunity for the stock.

Long-term investors have to remember that the upward trajectory and momentum that this stock is experience could propel subscriber levels to massive highs as the year progresses.  The buzz generated by this company has been phenomenal.  Marketing is also set to kick in after the movies are all uploaded onto the company website and if marketing is successful, we could see 1,000's of subscribers.  Time will tell.  Full disclosure - I have no position in OTTV stock.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

LeBron James Rookie and Second Year Hot Basketball Cards

LeBron James 2003-04 and 2004-05 basketball cards are among the hottest in the hobby right now.  Find them discussed in detail here along with ones listed for sale.

Buying prices have never been better for his cards as well.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dolat Ventures $DOLV Looks Cheap Here

Shares of Dolat Ventures, ticker symbol DOLV $DOLV look like they could bounce higher here.  Currently today they are trading at about 3.9 cents per share, whereas in recent weeks shares have been .06+ per share.  Near term I feel they could retrace those levels.  If it does, you are looking at 50%+ returns.  There is definitely potential here that I can see, as it is a very popular stock.  Having such a following helps.  I have no position in this stock.  Please conduct your own due diligence while choosing stocks to research.

As people continue to pass up shares at these levels, it could be a great buying opportunity.  All it takes is retracing the highs of the year to be able to profit nicely from this play.  The level of risk tolerance though has to be acceptable to the investor.

Lebron James 2004-05 Basketball Cards Second Year

LeBron James second year basketball cards from 2004-05 are red hot right now, highlighted by his 2004-05 Topps Chrome second year card.  The rumor is that the second year Chrome basketball card of LeBron James from Topps is even more limited than his 2003-04 Topps Chrome rookie.  More are updated here from My Baseball Card Space and the Bowman Chrome ones are great too.


Viva Entertainment Group $OTTV is a Great Stock

Viva Entertainment Group,  ticker symbol OTTV $OTTV is a great stock to consider for investors.  The buzz created in recent weeks by the company, its shareholders, message boards and social media has propelled the company's app and over the top television application to an enviable position.

People don't realize how powerful the company's marketing efforts have proven to be so far, and word is that more efforts are on the way.  VivaLive TV has over 1,000 downloads on Android alone

The company has indicated on its Twitter page that it has many subscribers who are paying for services.  All of this adds up to a compelling stock at this time, in my opinion as this momentum is likely to continue.  Please note, I own no position in this stock.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Buy MobileTrust on Sale from eBay Here

If you are looking to buy MobileTrust, manufactured by Strikeforce Technologies, find sale prices here from listings on eBay.  Strikeforce Technologies makes GuardedID and MobileTrust and right now listed on eBay is a sale price of $21.55 for a MobileTrust software package.


Strikeforce Technologies Retail Sales Report July 2017

This article will highlight the efforts of Strikeforce Technologies as the retail sales of GuardedID and MobileTrust have started to pick up in my opinion.  As a shareholder of the company, I am excited to see these developments.

The following locations are where and how to find the products, with Amazon currently having a sales price of $19.99 for GuardedID and MobileTrust and even lower at $14.99 for an online download of GuardedID.  This retail report starts with the Amazon prime day url location:

HSN is another big source for sales of the two software titles, as Strikeforce has been on television twice so far airing the products.  Television tallies have shown thousands sold.

As you see these listings, please remember to pick up a copy for yourself.

Also, some are not aware yet that GuardedID is available online at Best Buy as well

Staples also:

eBay sellers list MobileTrust from time to time and here is a great deal at $21.55 here

And last but not least let us remember that the company website has the products available too.

As does Target.

Long SFOR, more reports coming soon.