Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Investor Hub Mutual Fund - $ECIG $AZFL $MCIG $PLKD $GRDO

If there were a mutual fund that held stocks that were widely followed and watched on Investor Hub stock forums, that stocks that would represent that would include $ECIG, $AZFL, $MCIG, $PLKD, and $GRDO among others.

What do you all think, would this be a good investment?  I think it has potential if someone created a portfolio to capitalize on these penny stocks for potential gains.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Buy mCig Products Here on Ebay - Stock Watch

For shareholders of mCig, a big development here is that you can by the mCig products on Ebay.  This is a great way to get your favorite products and boost company sales.  See some of the great deals right here.  Disclosure, long mCig.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Analyst Remarks - Are $MCIG and $ECIG Going to Merge?

Now, there has been no formal speculation about whether or not ECIG and MCIG will merge.  I wanted to point out, however that these two companies are winning in gaining revenue among the small OTC stocks.  A merger would form a formidable company with good growing revenues to move forward and potentially compete against larger companies.  What do you all think about this?  Do you think it is possible?  Do you think these two companies could seriously consider a merger?

Disclosure, I am long ECIG and MCIG.

$MCIG and $CLF Up Big Today - Analyst Predictions

I am long both MCIG and CLF and these two stocks are top picks of this stock blog.  I have predicted that they are great stocks to be in a portfolio, and I believe both names are still extremely undervalued.  Please subscribe to here and read the other articles with even more details on these two great companies.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Undervalued OTC Stocks January 2015 $ECIG $MCIG $ERBB

For January 2015, out of all of the OTC stocks, I have selected ECIG, MCIG, and ERBB as my top undervalued picks going into the new  year.

I own shares in these names and believe that they provide a chance for massive increases in share prices.  Based on how they have traded lately, I believe the business models support a much higher price per share.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Undervalued Stocks for 2015

Going into 2015, out of stocks that I own, there are some that I think are very undervalued.

I think PBR, ITUB, RIO, T, and DTV are all at bargain share prices right now.

These are undervalued for various reasons that will be detailed more here in the coming days and weeks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jack Ma's Celebrity Status Feeds $BABA Stock $FB Zuckerberg

For both Facebook and Alibaba, the celebrity status enjoyed by both Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg, as CEOs of each company helps feed the stock price and brand recognition of the companies.

In addition to growing sales that the companies enjoy, the fact that these CEOs are so well known helps enhance the value of the companies even more.  Heck they even make collectible dolls of Jack Ma, and he is one of the most well known people in the world.  Zuckerberg is a well known philanthropist, and is revered as being a young CEO leading a company on the cutting edge of technology.

Look for more of good things from Facebook and Alibaba in the years to come.

Comparing $BABA to $FB - Analyst Update

Shares of Alibaba, ticker symbol BABA, have stalled recently from the gains it was piling up a month or two ago.  If it follows in the footsteps of FB, it will take awhile to start racking up significant gains from the IPO price.

I think Alibaba is poised to benefit from strong sales growth, and that the large majority of this is not yet priced into the stock.  I am glad to hold my long position in BABA because I am confident that it will increase in price over the long term.

Monday, December 22, 2014

$PBR $RIO $ITUB Stocks Undervalued

Today I wanted to focus on three stocks that I see as being completely undervalued.

Petrobras, PBR, Rio Tinto, RIO, and Itau, ITUB are all between at least 30% to 50% off of their 52 week highs.  Additionally, as it is, the 52 week highs are even further below their all time highs.  In essence, these stocks have years of upside to go before they will approach all time highs.  This can happen fast though, as stock markets have a tendency to correct very quickly in one direction or another.

That being said, I view these as long term picks and that it will take a long-term view to make money in these.

For investors new to these stocks, now is a great time to buy.  For those that already own shares, I would take a wait and see approach.

I am long all of these shares in full disclosure.

The added bonus here is that as of this year, they are all paying generous dividends.  For next year, I expect Itau and Rio Tinto to raise dividends because of growing earnings.  Petrobras is the unknown here but I still expect a great dividend.

Analyst Buys Shares of Nike $NKE Today

Today, the owners of this blog purchased shares of Nike, ticker symbol NKE.  The stock was noted by Jim Cramer recently as not having participated in the large rally the stock market has seen in the past few days.  This is particularly noticed by me because the high of the year is over $99 per share.  With shares at around $96 per share, there is already a nice discount.  Also, with Holiday sales, I expect Nike will do very well.

This stock, along with Amazon (AMZN), is going to be a big winner this holiday season IMO.

Disclosure, long NKE and AMZN.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Analyst Stock Picks - $ECIG and $AZFL

In picking stocks here, I gave out a winning opinion on $CTIX to start last month.  It went up at least 30%.  Then, I followed that with $AZFL and sold out of it myself in about a day for about a 30% gain.

My pick for this week is $ECIG again.  I picked it last week and it rose over 50% but the week before, it started on Friday down a lot.  As a result, I still think it is very undervalued and think that it can easily go to .18 per share or higher this week.  I am picking it for the next week and am making it this week's top play on this site.

Please note, this is not investment advice, just my opinion.  I am long ECIG.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Undervalued Stocks Perking Up This Week $PBR $T $RIO $VALE

So far this week, many stocks that were poor performers in recent weeks are starting to rise in price again.

Today, shares of VALE are up over 6%, a welcome rise for the iron ore giant.  This also is the case with Rio Tinto, ticker symbol RIO, as shares were down to almost $40 per share but are back over $45 per share.

T is also doing better, as it had traded as low as around $32 with a dividend yield of 5.8%.  Now it is back over $33 and still has a relatively high dividend yield compared to its historical yield.

Petrobras is also showing signs of life, with PBR rallying this week after hitting multi year lows.

These are stocks to watch going forward.  I am long all of these shares.    

Fundamentals of $ECIG - Stock Potential Rise

In this post, we will look at the fundamentals and stock price of ECIG.

The 52 week low is .05 per share and the high is $19.99.   Today, about 16 million shares have changed hands which is a strong volume day, much higher than normal.  You can see by the shares traded that this is not a heavily diluted stock.  It does not trade in the hundreds of million shares that many OTC stocks do, simply because there is not wild dilution here apparently.

With this strong volume today on a price increase, I expect ECIG to rise more.  Also, this is due to what I see as a strong business model and growing market share and revenue - it simply is undervalued IMO.

If you like the posts and if they help you, please consider shopping on Ebay and Amazon here through the links provided - it does not cost you anything.

Long ECIG.

$ECIG Opinion Updated - Stock Market

Today, I wanted to release my updated opinion on ECIG.  I am long ECIG and recommended it this week for at least a one week play.  Since then, it has had a monster week.

My updated opinion is that I believe it has another 50% or more to rise in the short term.  While it is rising today, I do not believe that it went up as much as it could have this week and as a result, I am recommending holding it for at least another week.

Please note, I am long ECIG.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Midday Wrap - $ECIG $AZFL $RIO $PBR

So far, the calls for $RIO and $PBR to rise are ringing true, as they are bouncing back somewhat from their recent routs.  Please note, I am long $ECIG, $PBR, and $RIO.

$AZFL is down to .0017 today, and I sold out of this one already but am still looking at it because it does have potential in my opinion.

$ECIG is the play of the week still, and it may take longer than a week but I like it a lot.

US Stock Market Rise $SPX $EBAY $KRFT

Today, the stock market is up big with blue chip names showing big gains.  Among stocks gaining, we have the S&P 500 index funds obviously, along with Kraft Foods enjoying a big day.

Also, other winners include Altria, Vodafone, AT&T and many others.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chinese Market Rising $CHL $BACHY

Bank of China and China Mobile are up sharply this morning in earlier trading on the Hang Seng Index.

US Stock Futures in the Green $SPY $SPX $DJIA

The S&P 500 futures along with the Dow Jones and Nasdaq futures this evening heading into 12/18/2014 trading are looking higher so far.  They are up slightly.

Stocks That Could Rise 20% In 2 Weeks $PBR $PBR.A $ITUB $RIO $ECIG

Today I wanted to highlight some stocks that I think are low risk and that could rise 20% in 2 weeks.  Please note, I am long all of these stocks.

PBR and PBR.A pay a high dividend yield, yet are trading around $7 per share.  The dividend yield is high and these have been beaten down so much that I think a 20% rise in 2 weeks is realistic.

Same with Rio Tinto, RIO.  The stock may also pay a special dividend in February of 2015.

ITUB, Itau, also can do the same and is trading at a bargain price.

ECIG is the blog's play of the week - top pick here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

$ECIG Up 80% Today - One Week Stock Play

I was right on the money today with my top weekly pick of ECIG.  The stock is currently up about 80%.  Please note, I am long ECIG and this pick is not to be construed as investment advice, but rather as my opinion.

I note that I pick this as a weekly play, meaning I personally am holding it through at least Friday as I think it will rise all week.  The run is not over in my opinion.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

$SPY Futures Higher. Nasdaq up Big - $AAPL $AMZN $BABA

With the S&P 500 Futures looking higher for Monday, you would think that is a good sign.  If you take a look at the NASDAQ futures, they are currently up 18 or so points.   This bodes even stronger for the market to make a comeback from Friday.

Stocks that could gain from this include Apple, Amazon, and Alibaba.  These stocks are undervalued in my opinion and stand to benefit from strong holiday sales which I believe we will have.

The futures will have to hold these gains going into tomorrow, but so far this evening they have strengthened, which is another good sign.

I am long AAPL, AMZN, BABA.

Undervalued Penny Stocks $ECIG $MCIG $ERBB $AZFL $GRDO

For December 15, 2014 (Monday), and the week coming, I have some stocks I want to recommend to investors because I believe that these will be the plays of the week.

For my strongest play of the day and the week, I believe ECIG is the way to go.  The price drop cannot be explained and I think it is overly sold.  In my previous posts over the last couple of days, I have explained why I think it is undervalued and also about how I believe if it is bought out, that it will jump in price.

Please remember, with penny stocks and OTC stocks, they can be volatile.  My other pick this week is mCig, and I believe it will rise in price significantly as well.

Another pick I like is ERBB, as I believe it has been stagnant for too long and I believe we will see another bull market in marijuana penny stocks again soon.

As for AZFL, I sold out of my position last week.  That does not mean that I do not see potential for further gains, because I do.  However I also think that the opportunity in ECIG warrants selling AZFL to buy ECIG.

I am also watching GRDO as I think it has some potential for short term gains too.

Disclosure, I am long ECIG, MCIG, and ERBB.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Undervalued International Dividend Stocks $PBR $PBR.A $RIO $ITUB $BACHY

In this post I would like to highlight the best international stocks that I see for dividend investing and potential capital gains in what I see is an inevitable rebound of these top names.  The also are leaders in their industries but are suffering from macroeconomic and stock market pressure right now.

Petrobras, ticker symbol PBR and PBR.A is suffering from internal pressures right now, to go with additional pressures from falling oil prices.  The fact remains that despite this, the company is making a lot of money and paid its preferred shareholders a .77 per ADR dividend this year.  That makes it current yield close to 10% and I believe this stock is very undervalued and will perform well in the long-term.

Itau, ticker symbol ITUB, is growing its dividend as well and is another top name in Brazil.  I see its growing earnings and also think that it will continue to raise its dividend.  I view this as a strong play to profit from an uptick in the Brazilian economy, which will happen sooner or later.

Rio Tinto, ticker symbol RIO, pays a healthy dividend and has grown earnings this year.  It is a leader in the iron ore business but has suffered from falling commodity prices.  This has lead them to up production and take market share from smaller players.  This will help long-term, and there is a possibility for a special dividend in February of 2015 to sweeten the pot for waiting.

Bank of China, $BACHY, has performed well this year and also has a growing dividend.  It has grown earnings this year as well, so I expect another dividend increase next year.

Please note, I have long positions in all of these stocks.

Analyst Reading Internet Sentiment for $ECIG

It looks to me like there is heavy short interest in the sentiment of bloggers and forum chatter on the stock $ECIG.  It looks to me, if I were a betting person, that there are a lot of people short $ECIG.  I believe that the short sellers are going to get squeezed and that the fair market value of the shares are much higher than they are currently priced at.  If they do, the price will march even higher because they will have to cover, fueling any sort of rally.  Disclosure, long $ECIG.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Undervalued Stocks Monday 12/15/14 $ECIG $MCIG $ANAS $ERBB

The biggest undervalued stocks this week in the OTC penny market space consist of marijuana and e-cigarette names.

$ECIG is the blog's play of the day for Monday, and with a market cap of around $10 million based on my estimations, it is absurdly valued at only .25x full year earnings.  This leads me to believe that a company may look to buy it out, and a larger company can buy it even for $100 million and pay not even one years worth of what sales should probably be in a few years.

A larger company could manage $ECIG easier, and shareholders are now averaging down which would make a $1 per share bid hard to pass up for ones buying in now.  Additionally, the price tag of other major e-cig mergers have been in the $150 millon dollar range, making this one totally feasible if a large tobacco company were interested.  While distribution channels would not be an issue here, perhaps an additional known brand name would be.

MCIG ANAS and ERBB are three other top picks and I view these as being extremely undervalued in the pot stock market.  ERBB and MCIG are experiencing record revenue with the Zazz Machine and mCigs, respectively.  The Vitacig spin-off for Mcig will provide yet another catalyst and I feel the market is not fully valuing these companies currently.

ANAS is my best pick for a long shot, as it has been hammered since reaching about a penny per share earlier this year.  Its Focamine and other products are on Amazon and this is the company that was rumored and forecasted producing the coveted "5 Hour High."

Disclosure, I am long MCIG, ECIG, ANAS, and ERBB.

Two Winners - $ECIG and $MCIG

I must first disclose that I am long $ECIG and $MCIG.

Please read, if you would like to, my post from earlier tonight about ECIG.  It is my top play for next week and after a 30% gain in one day on $AZFL, I am on a winning streak.  That can also be seen here as well.

$ECIG has high sales and the current market valuation is less than .25x yearly sales.  If anyone can raise funds if need be, I am betting on this company with Victory and Fin e-cigs that has products for sale in such places as Walgreens.  This is a growing company and is the best share price value I have seen in a long time IMO.

$MCIG just spun off Vitacig to shareholders and it will begin trading soon on the market either as VCIG or VITA.  MCIG shareholders retain a 47% ownership in it, so everyone wins if it does well and it has been reported that Vitacig sales are growing much faster than MCIG or Vapolution.  Mcig also just opened a new retail store in Hollywood to sell Vitacig and Mcig products.

These small companies are going to be two winners in an e-cig market that is poised to grow 10 fold in the next three years per a Wells Fargo analyst.

Catch them while you can IMO, long MCIG and ECIG.

Based on Around 100 Million Shares O/S $ECIG Valuation Irrational

Based on what I have seen on iHub today, there are around 100 million shares outstanding of $ECIG right now.  That would give it a market cap of less than $10 million based on today's closing price.

Per the company's most recent earnings report, so far this year in three quarters the company has reported at least $30 million in revenue.  Even assuming only $10 million for quarter four, the company will have at least $40 in revenue this year and it is growing fast.

The e-cig market is expected to grow 10 fold per a Wells Fargo analyst, to about $10 billion per year in three years.

This market valuation currently of $ECIG is irrational.  How can a company with $40 million in revenue sell for less than .25x full year revenue?  For that matter, someone can buy the company on the cheap for $10 million.  Either that or the share price right now is completely out of whack.  My guess is the latter because if someone did try to take the company over at 10 cents a share, the shareholders would be in the right with a heavy backlash.

Long $ECIG and I feel this can be a 10 bagger in a short period of time.

Analyst Sells $AZFL and Buys Loads of $ECIG

Today, I went ahead and took one day gains in $AZFL and loaded up on $ECIG.

I am now long $ECIG and view this as a superior one week play.

My buy in of AZFL was .0014 per share and the sell price was .0019, all in less than one trading day.  Subscribe and comment on these posts to get in the know and know the moves before the rest.

Disclosure - Long $ECIG

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Apple $AAPL Looks Undervalued Here

With Apple trading about $8 per share lower than the 52 week high it reached not too long ago, I view this as an excellent entry point.  I must note that I am long AAPL.

The fact remains that Apple pays a generous dividend for being a high growth tech company, and it has the earnings to support this current valuation along with a higher one.

Many felt that when it split, that it would be hard to surpass the price per share it had then.  The split has brought new investors to the table apparently, as the price per share is much more reasonable.  Also, when comparing the price per share to that of Amazon or Google, it still is very affordable.

Strongest Play for 12/12/2014 - $AZFL Up 100% Today

IMO and please note I am long AZFL, the strongest play for tomorrow is AZFL.  The price action today was marvelous and the stock closed up 100% on the day.  In my opinion, the low of even .0008 the stock reached yesterday was too low for a company that has already traded at over .01 per share this year and its prospects warrant a far higher price per share.

The volume today was staggering and unlike many penny stocks, there does not seem to be outward and defiant dilution going on here.  I am looking forward to tomorrow and please remember to do your own due diligence.  That being said, AZFL is my strongest play for tomorrow.

mCig and Vitacig Open New Retail Store $MCIG

In Hollywood, California, mCig and Vitacig have opened a new retail outlet store today.  This is their first store and is located in a prime location.  The implication for mcig so far is that its stock is currently trading up over 3%.  This bodes well for increasing sales and also by making sales to high profile people, it will encourage more people to try their products.  I remain bullish on the stock and am long MCIG and VCIG.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Who's Winning the E-Cig Battle? $MO $RAI $LO $MCIG $ECIG

So far, it is the major tobacco companies who are capturing the lion's share of the electronic cigarette market.  The IPO of ECIG, which was in October, has been a catastrophic flop so far, with shares down from the $4.50 IPO price to about .20 per share.

Not surprisingly, MO RAI and LO are growing market share of their electronic cigarettes because they have the distribution channels in place along with a healthy budget to market the products however much as they need to.

A smaller name that I think will win here eventually is MCIG because its device can also be used for marijuana.  Also, they did not start with high sales and they do not have that large of a market cap (about $44 million right now).  As a result, the bar is not too high and even $10 million in sales in a market estimated to grow to about $10 billion in 3 years will be huge for MCIG if it can achieve it.

I see long-term that there will be a handful of OTC winners in this market and the large tobacco players obviously will win as well.

I am long MO, RAI, LO, MCIG.

Amazonas Florestal Stock OTC .0008 $AZFL Analyst Opinion

Amazonas Florestal stock, ticker symbol AZFL, rose 33% today to close at .0008 per share.  Based on the sheer fact that the price is below .001 per share, I view this as being a significant opportunity.  If the stock can even make a little progress back to its 52 week high of .05 per share, we could have a multi bagger on our hands.

I have no position in AZFL but may initiate a long position within the next 72 hours.

Update 12/11/2014 - I am now long AZFL*******

I See a Santa Claus Stock Market Rally

Basically, to close the year, I see the market improving drastically.  Today's dip represents an excellent buying opportunity.


So far today, PLKD and TCEL are down at least 20% each.   Out of all of these names, only MINE is up slightly.   It is a tough day for these top names in the OTC market.

I do believe the market in general will rebound here soon and I anticipate a Santa Claus Rally to end the year.

I view this short term drop yesterday and today to be short lived.

I have no position in these stocks mentioned here.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fluctutations in Tech Stocks Today $GOOG $AAPL $AMZN $BABA

Today saw amazing price swings in technology shares, including in GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, and BABA.

Earlier this week, this blog and the related blog for stock options recommended that a good option strategy was straddles in AAPL, and AMZN for capturing this price swings.  Today they happened, and an upward bias to them was also called.  So far so good, and there was an amazing chance to capture gains along the way selling into the moves as a day trader.

Please note, I am long GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, and BABA.

$CLF Versus $CTIX - Blogger Pick Pays Off

Today, we saw the first trading day since I changed my position to long CLF by selling CTIX.  I stated that my opinion yesterday was that it was time to take gains in CTIX and that I feel CLF is headed to $9 per share in short order.

CTIX was up .22% on the day, whereas CLF was up 1.49%.  In the coming days and weeks to close out the year, in my opinion this outperformance will continue.  Please note, I am long CLF.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gains in $CTIX - Market Recap

Today, shares of CTIX are surging by 35% currently.  The stock is near or at its 52 week high and is roaring ahead on news today that it received a designation for one of its medicine to classify it as a qualified disease treatment.

This has propelled this stock to new heights and since I just bought shares a few weeks ago, I realize that a 30% gain for me in less than a month is too good to pass up.  Though the company still has potential to rise further, I found it to be something I wanted to cash in on now and not risk loss.

I have no position in $CTIX.

Out of $CTIX and Into $CLF

Today, I went ahead and took gains in $CTIX and rolled them into a new position of $CLF.  In my view, the short term gain in CTIX was too good to pass up, and I cashed in a nice 30% gain.  I believe Cliffs is undervalued here, and my price target in the next few weeks is $9 per share.  Please note, this is only my opinion and not investment advice.

Disclosure, I am long CLF.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stock and Option Plays for December 8, 2014

For the stock picks and option strategies for December 8, 2014, we will focus on stocks of AAPL, AMZN, BABA, MSFT, EBAY, TGT, and SBUX.

For options strategies, the daily price fluctuations of AAPL, AMZN, and BABA are positive for a straddle strategy.  In my opinion on these, the next months will bring a wide change in stock price.  I am in a position to say that I like these stocks' chances of going up, and also for a strong change in price even if they were to go down.  For that matter, a hedged option strategy to take advantage of price changes is geared toward these three stocks.  In my opinion, a straddle is good here.

For MSFT, EBAY, TGT, and SBUX, I like being long in these and also purchasing calls is another way to profit from them by putting up less money if you believe they will rise in share price.

Please note, this is only my opinion and is not investment advice.  I am long AAPL, AMZN, BABA, EBAY, TGT, and SBUX.

If Carl Icahn Likes Apple So Do I $AAPL

Carl Icahn likes shares of AAPL.  I like them as well and with the strong growth that the company's sales are showing, I still believe the company is undervalued.  With the strong assets it has, it can easily spin out multiple segments of the company in the future and create a lot more value in the future.  Aside from that, it has a superb portfolio of cash cows.  Please note, I am long AAPL.

Stock Market Picks for the Week of 12/8/2014 - Undervalued Shares

The following are stocks that I feel are undervalued going into the week of December 8, 2014 and that I think will increase in share price this week.

Please note, I am long all of these shares so I believe it too.

$CTIX - CTIX The stock has performed well in the last week and I feel more on the news front could propel this stock even higher.

$BABA - Alibaba - it's just its time to rise again after taking a few weeks off from price gains after its last large run up.

$EBAY - solid stock, worth way more than $54.81 per share in my opinion due to the upcoming Paypal spin off.

Friday, December 5, 2014

$PLKD Has Impressive Day in Stock Market

$PLKD has had an impressive day in the OTC stock market today, with its shares trading up by 100% as of last check.  While this move is enticing for investors, more often than not a penny stock trading this low will see a short term run up only to be followed by a massive decline.  I do not see the possibility of a sustainable rally here unless the company shows positive strides in its business aspects.  New company news and developments could prove me wrong but I remain bearish here from this point on out.

I have no position in $PLKD.

StreamTrack, Inc. $STTK Intriguing Here

Shares of $STTK are down today.  I find it to be intriguing here, since it has held support above trips.  It may be worth a gander here, but I view it as a high risk play and I am neutral on it.

I have no position in $STTK.

I Like FVRG $FVRG Stock Here

$FVRG stock has one simple thing that I like to see with microcaps - positive earnings per share.  Over the trailing 12 months, it has earned 4 cents per share per Yahoo! Finance.  Based on its value and recent news, I feel the catalysts are there for it to possibly revist its 52 week high of $2 per share.

I have no position in $FVRG.

Time for Caution in $PLKD PLKD

Pleasant Kids, Inc. is up today 100% currently to .0006 per share.  In my opinion, this is a watershed moment for investors who were in before today.  I urge caution to anyone who wants to get in right now, and would definitely not put my money here.  I am bearish on this stock.  Please note, I have no position in PLKD.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cliffs Natural Resources $CLF Undervalued

I believe shares of Cliff Natural Resources, ticker symbol CLF, are undervalued at this point.  With the share price being only $8 or so per share, the value of the company's components far exceeds this market price in my estimation.

I have no position in CLF but if I were looking to initiate a position, this would be a great entry point.

Alibaba Shares Poised for Another Jump $BABA

Lately, shares of Alibaba have not been performing that great, with the share price basically being flat since their run-up about a month ago.

In my opinion, this has allowed for some investors to take profits.  I believe BABA is ready to run higher now, especially with the new year of 2015 potentially bringing more institutional investments.

I am long BABA.

Southwest Airlines $LUV LUV Continues to Fly High in Share Price

The stock price in Southwest Airlines, ticker symbol LUV, is continuing to fly high.  This has not been seen by shareholders of LUV for many, many years.  This increase in stock price is very exciting and it is very possible that it is going to continue.

The earnings of LUV are roaring because of low oil prices and expansion.  Look here if you want a great airline stock.

Disclosure, I am long LUV.

Bank of China $BACHY BACHY on a Roll - Recommended

Today I would like to recommend the stock of Bank of China, ticker symbol BACHY on the otc US markets.

The stock pays a high dividend, which is paid annually.  At these price levels, I still think it is very cheap.  Also, the stock has appreciated well this year, a trend I like to see.

Disclosure, I am long BACHY.

Undervalued Stock 12/4/2014 - PBR $PBR

Petrobras, ticker symbol PBR, is highlighted today as the undervalued stock of the day.  The stock is trading below $9 per share currently and offers investors an enviable opportunity to capture high gains once the stock price bounces back.

In my opinion, PBR is a supreme long term investment.  I am long PBR.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Stock Winners - Markets

For Cyber Monday and Black Friday, I will list here companies that I think will be big winners.

To start with, Alibaba is going to be a big winner in my opinion.  This is a non-traditional pick because most of its sales do not come from the United States.  This is not the case fully, however, as I believe that many people here do still buy merchandise from there.  I view it as a big growth market for BABA and believe we will start seeing momentum this year from it.

For American companies, I see TGT, EBAY, AMZN, SBUX, WMT, and AAPL as the potential biggest winners.  This will also extend to the phone companies such as T and VZ and VOD.

Full disclosure, I am long TGT, EBAY, AMZN, SBUX, AAPL, T, VZ, and VOD.

WMIH Down Today

WMIH is down big today, off about 4.55%.  I recommend this stock and have no position in WMIH.

Today may represent a nice buying opportunity.

Please see the other blog posts here for more analysis.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Stock Market Winners

In my opinion, the following companies will be the big retail winners for Cyber Monday.

Ebay, TGT, SBUX, BABA, and AMZN.  Please note I am long all of these stocks.

The sales have come in for Black Friday and online sales growth was brisk.  Walmart and Target reported strong foot traffic for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  I have no position in Walmart.

For detailed analysis of these stocks, please see the site search here.