Friday, October 31, 2014

Basketball Cards and Sports Cards Black Friday Sale - UD Exquisite

You can find great Black Friday deals on basketball cards and sports cards here.  This topic will focus on a sale of Upper Deck Exquisite basketball card boxes.  These factory sealed boxes can produce high end 1 of 1 cards and autographs.

Antero Midstream Partners LP - IPO November 3, 2014

During the week of November 3rd 2014, Antero Midstream Partners LP, another MLP, will hit the market. This will be a heralded IPO, with 37,500,000 shares expected to be priced at $19 to $21 per share.  Many investors like oil and gas MLPs for their high distribution yields.

Viking Therapeutics Inc. - Upcoming IPO VKTX

The IPO of Viking Therapeutics, ticker symbol VKTX is coming soon.  The expected price range is $10 to $12 per share with about a $69 million offering.  This is a modest one and closes out October for the NASDAQ IPOs.

Still Neutral on Apple Shares - AAPL

I still do not find shares of Apple, AAPL, to be undervalued.  I find the technology sector as a whole to be attractive here, but favor shares of other companies more.  I believe the stock could go up, but I find the chances to be greater elsewhere.

Alibaba is a Buy - Undervalued Indeed

Today I finally initiated a long position in Alibaba shares.  I find the stock to be extremely undervalued and believe it is going to go to $120 per share in short order.  This could happen just with the earnings release in November, the week of the 17th.  We will see, but my money is where my mouth is now.

Notable Additions to Portfolio - Ebay Stock is Undervalued

Today, I initiated a long position in Ebay (EBAY).  This is due to the fact that I find Ebay to be undervalued because I believe it is underestimating how good this holiday selling season will be.  More importantly, the Paypal spin-off in 2015 is going to provide shareholders with a power stock.   Paypal, in my estimation, is going to be the hottest payment system stock to hit the market since Mastercard.  I see shares of Paypal being a crown jewel in a portfolio so I wanted to make sure to get my position secured now.

Notable Undervalued Stocks - Amazon AMZN

I must disclose that I am now long AMZN shares.  Amazon is extremely undervalued right now in my opinion, with shares near its 52 week low.  With a potential $100 upside if shares go back to the 52 week high, now is a great time to buy Amazon shares.  With the Christmas season upon us, I look for holiday spending to be brisk.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Latteno Food Corp Up 7% Today

Latteno Food Corp, ticker symbol LATF, is up today by over 7% currently.  I must disclose that I am long LATF and I believe that this company is poised to benefit not only from potential adoption of legalized recreational marijuana, but also from their profitable food business.

Itau Unibanco Motors Ahead

Itau, trading out of Brazil, is powering ahead in trading today.  The stock, ticker symbol ITAU, is up by a staggering 9%.  This bodes well for the Brazilian economy as earnings for Itau were out today and things are going well.   Dividend investors should be happy as this should enable the company to increase the payout.  I am long ITUB.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Background on Why Fannie Mae is a Good Investment

For many investors who were scored from the housing market crisis, Democrats and angry investors lead the charge to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  While these companies remain immensely profitable and have paid back the money borrowed from the government, there is still talk amongst the Obama Administration that they will do away from having these companies.

Lawsuits are pending that will become a huge factor in determining their directions.  If it is ruled that the government can take profits away from FNMA, this would be a huge loss for shareholders.

In my estimation, the most likely scenario will be that the companies will remain in business.  This is because the housing market needs them.  They provide a valuable service and homeowners depend on them.  Additionally, they are viable businesses who are thriving currently.

If FNMA can recover, similar to how Bank of America did during the financial crisis, I see no reason why the stock cannot go back to $20 per share.  As a result, and because I view this as very possible, I recommend buying shares of FNMA.  Disclosure, I am long FNMA.

WMI Holdings Down to $2.20 Today

WMIH, WMI Holdings ended the trading day down to $2.20, however it was well off of the low of $2.10 during the trading day.  This could be a buying opportunity and while I do not have a position in WMIH, I would recommend the stock for someone who wants a potential big winner.

Alibaba Below $100

Alibaba shares today closed at $98.31, ending the day off of the $100 it reached during intraday trade the previous day.  This is setting up another potential buying opportunity for investors heading into its earnings report release, which will mark its first as a publicly traded company.

1984-85 Star Company Michael Jordan Rookie Basketball Card

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Elray Resources - ELRA Stock

Today, I would like to highlight Elray Resources, ticker symbol ELRA.  The stock price is down 31% today so far.  I do not recommend investors getting into the stock because there does not appear to be a promising future for the company as of yet.  It is pure speculation and if you are going to gamble on it trading higher in the short term, there are other penny stocks that offer a better situation.  I have no position in ELRA.

China Mobile Breaks Through

Once again, trading in shares of CHL (China Mobile) has brought the stock price to over $60 per share in the U.S.  The stock rallied yesterday and so far today is up again.  The company is poised to deliver another solid year of dividends for income investors as well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Australian and Chinese Stocks Higher Today

Shares of Coca Cola Amatil, Rio Tinto, China Mobile, and Bank of China are all trading higher this morning in overseas trading.  The stocks are highlighting a strong emerging markets performance.  Traders will be taking notice.  These companies are focused on in this blog.

Alibaba Breaks $100 Yesterday, Closes at $99.68

Alibaba shares during the trading day yesterday reached over $100 per share.  They ended the day in the black by 1.93% to close at $99.68.  With earnings coming for BABA in November with its report, shareholders are awaiting the day when Alibaba powers even higher.

MYEC Up Slightly - Company Focus

Myecheck, Inc. shares (ticker MYEC) are trading higher today by about 3%.  This stock has not moved upward fast recently, suggesting that the short term buzz created by advocates has subsided.  At least, that is my view of it because I cannot see how its fortunes business-wise have turned dramatically better yet.  This will take time in my opinion, and I believe the company does have potential.  I have no position in MYEC.

Itau and Petrobras Rally

A day after the implications of the Rousseff presidential win in Brazil were priced in, Itau and Petrobras are rallying.  The stocks are up about 4% each, a welcoming day since yesterday was so rough.  I believe both stocks are undervalued and am long both.

Black Friday Baseball Card Sale

This article will present a Black Friday baseball card sale including unopened boxes of Topps cards, as well as autographed and game worn jersey cards.  Black Friday is traditionally one of the busiest, if not the busiest shopping day of the year and that also means that many sales can be found, including on cards such as unopened Topps baseball card boxes. Finding a great sale price on baseball cards for Black Friday has never been easier, My Baseball Card Space has what you need here.

Here is an example of a vintage rookie card you may like to purchase - baseball cards galore here:

Dave Winfield Rookie from 1974 Topps baseball
Purchasing an unopened Topps sports card box for Black Friday shopping is a great way to treat yourself to some fun opening baseball cards.

For basketball cards, a rookie card of Dominique Wilkins is one of my favorite cards. 

When looking for your deals on Black Friday, please make sure to try to find people who will give you a good price, as well as ship for free in some instances.  Also, do not forget to make sure they have good feedback and are reputable sellers.

Central Wireless CWIR Rallies Today

Central Wireless CWIR shares are moving sharply higher today.  The company, also known as Fuzz n Buzz Brands, is out of the trips and is trading currently at .001 per share.  This marks a sharp move higher from recent times when the share price was at least half of that.  Developments for the company could move this higher in the future.  Disclosure, I am long CWIR.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shares of Alibaba Move Sharply Higher Today

As I predicted, shares of Alibaba are moving higher.  Today, BABA closed at $97.79 per share, and headed into its earnings report things are moving nicely for the company.  Its 52 week high is just under $100, and I expect Alibaba stock to test that high here very soon, possibly tomorrow.  I rate BABA as an excellent buy, however I do not have a position in BABA.

SRPT - Price on Sale Today

The share price of SRPT is down 30% today currently and this was feuled by a downgrade at Piper Jaffray. I view this as a buying opportunity, with shares trading much greater than 50% lower than its 52 week high.  For someone looking to take a flyer on a company with potential, you are looking here at a company with a modest market cap.  I would recommend investors research this company further but also say that it is a good place to look.  I have no position in SRPT.

MGON - Megola Inc. Blogger/Analyst Outlook

Today, shares of MGON, Megola Inc. are trading higher by an astounding 88% currently.  This high share price increase also shows that the shares are trading hands at over a penny, which is a barometer to weed out companies with a high number of outstanding shares.  In the medical marijuana industry, MGON is looking to make a name for itself.  Based on sheer trader optimism and momentum, I see this stock going to 3 cents a share in short order.  Beyond that, real revenue and earnings are going to need to come in.  I have no position in MGON.

Blogger Raises Myecheck MYEC Target to .0425

Today I wanted to highlight Myecheck, ticker symbol MYEC.  I previously had set a .04 per share price target on the shares, and today that target has been raised to .0425.  This target is set with a 12 month time frame in mind.  Gains in the stock are expected, though not to the extent that we will see a double or triple.  The company has positive momentum and bright things on the horizon, though investors should not expect any of this to happen in the short term as real success in this industry takes a long time.  I have no position in MYEC.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Alibaba BABA a Buy Headed into Earnings

Alibaba, BABA, is rated a buy by me heading into earnings season for it.  It will release its first earnings report during the week of November 17, and I expect that release to be on the 17th or the 18th.  Leading up to these results, I expect the stock to trade higher and for Alibaba to beat earnings expectations.  Earlier in the month and last month, I set a $120 12 month price target on the stock.  I have no position in BABA.

Brazil Election Goes Rouseff's Way - Stock Impact

In the Brazil presidential election, the results are in and Rouseff won re-election.  This bodes poorly short-term for the stocks including EWZ, PBR, and ITUB.  The price target publicized for PBR if this event occurred is that it could go down to $12 per share.  While this may impact trading in Brazil on Monday, this will not affect the long-term positive outlook for these shares in my opinion.  I rate all three stocks as buys and have long positions in all of them.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Commerce Resources is a Great Buy

Right now, shares of Commerce Resources are on sale.  If you have a tolerance for risk and want to buy shares of a company cheap that could rebound with the European economy, this is your choice.   I would say it is a good time to buy if you like the company.   I have no position in these shares.

Due to the fact that the European market is experiencing a severe downturn, I liken this opportunity to that offered in the United States during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.  As a result, I favor European stocks now more than I do US ones.  I believe there will be a strong recovery in Europe long-term, and buying companies that can survive the downturn and thrive in the future is key.  This company is here to stay in my opinion, and at its low price, it offers a substantial opportunity for profit if this happens.  The risk/reward ratio is in the buyer's favor right now here.

Gazprom is Undervalued

In my opinion, share prices of Gazprom are severely undervalued.  This is due to the Russian woes currently but this will not persist forever.  It is an excellent time to buy shares and while the dividend may be cut short-term, it will still have one likely.  Also, when things rebound, getting in at the low price will prove beneficial.  I have no position in Gazprom.

Top November 2014 Dividend Stocks

Here are my favorite dividend stocks going into November of 2014, all of which I believe are undervalued.  Also, I have long positions in all of them.


1985 Topps Baseball Card Values

1985 topps baseball cards including mark mcgwire olympic rookies, roger clemens rookie and kirby puckett rc and rack boxes, vending boxes, packs and wax boxes are listed here.
1985 Topps Baseball cards are one of the best Topps sets of the 1980's.  The cards feature three key rookie cards and many hall of famers.  The cards are still affordable for sets and a little more expensive for unopened boxes.  This is a great set for your collection.

The three key rookie cards to the set are Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, (his only major league rookie card as this year's card is an Olympic card subset within the set) and Kirby Puckett.  There are also lesser expensive rookie cards including the once very popular Dwight Gooden rookie card.  There are many hall of famers in the set including Nolan Ryan and there is a nice second year card of former all star and New York Yankees superstar Don Mattingly.

The complete set of these cards will cost you about $50 for a complete set if you get a good deal on it.  You might even be able to get a little bit of a better deal if you shop for it on ebay or a place similar to that.  Unopened wax boxes cost more and so do rack and cello boxes and cases.  If you get a gem mint graded Roger Clemens or Mark McGwire rookie card, it can be worth at least several hundred dollars.  

WMI Holdings WMIH Could go to $3 Per Share

In a weekend undervalued stock pick, I predict that WMIH could go to $3 per share in short order.  This is based on its recent strength in earnings and prospects for the future with a healthy real estate market right now.  WMI Holdings has been under the radar.  I have no position in WMIH.

Friday, October 24, 2014

November 2014 Undervalued Stock Picks

To start with, shares of Alibaba are still undervalued at $95.76.  The shares were down to like $85 per share, and that was a superb time to buy.  I own no position in Alibaba but definitely recommend it going into earnings for short term profits by the end of November.  Those earnings will be around November 17, 2014 (BABA).

The shares of Directv and Lorillard (DTV and LO) are undervalued because of underpriced premiums compared to market price if the deals go through.  This, in my opinion, is an oversight by the market.  I own shares in both companies but definitely find them to be great bargains.  With Lorillard, you also get a high dividend yield.

For smaller companies, top picks of mine include Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF).  I do not currently own shares of it and would wait for a slightly lower entry point here.  Neutra Corporation (NTRR) is a top pick of mine for an undervalued penny stock and I own shares of it.  Fannie Mae (FNMA) is another top pick for a lower priced stock.  All of these have potential for upward momentum short term in the next few weeks, and I am long FNMA.

Amazon Down 7.8% Today, Near 52 Week Low

With Amazon, ticker symbol AMZN, down near a 52 week low today, this represents a tremendous buying opportunity.  I would recommend buying shares right now of Amazon because in the past, any time that it dropped in price a lot it has been a great buying opportunity.  I expect history to repeat itself here and think you cannot go wrong here.  I have no position in AMZN.

Swordfish Financial - SWRF Blogger Opinion

Swordfish Financial is currently trading at .0004 per share.  Additionally, it has a pending merger agreement. The first thing that makes the share price seem limited is that over 125 million shares have traded hands so far today.  With that being said, its high share structure makes it hard for shares to be bid up too much, as there are just so many shares out there.  It is unclear at this point as to what the merger will do for the share price, but I would be cautious on buying shares of SWRF.  Disclosure, I have no position in SWRF. 10/27/14 update - share price is back to .0004 and could go up higher due to enthusiastic traders but this will be short term in my opinion until revenue and profit come in.

Petrobras Finally Bounces Back - Bovespa

In trading today, shares of Petrobras are finally bouncing back after many days of weakness.  Its share price is up by at least 8%, with the preferred shares up even more in US trading.  I am long shares and recommend the stock for its generous dividend yield in addition to long-term growth prospects.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cellceutix Corporation - CTIX Blogger Opinion

Shares of CTIX (Cellceutix Corporation) rose significantly today after positive data came out in regards to one of its products.  The share price is now over $3, which is a significant feat for a small biotech company.  With these positive results, further developments could propel shares much higher.  I see greater than a 50% chance that short-term, the share price could go to $5.  I have a one year $7 price target on shares and rate it a buy.  Disclosure, I have no position in CTIX.

Shares of Nokia Flourish Today

Nokia (ticker symbol NOK) handily beat earnings estimates today.  As a result, its share price was up significantly, trading higher by over 5% in US trade.  Nokia is a solid company and I am long shares.  If you are looking fora profitable company that is turning around well, in addition to paying a nice dividend, look no further than here.

Pot Stocks Surging Today - NTRR, AGTK, CWIR

Pot stocks as a whole are surging in price today.  Shares of NTRR, AGTK and CWIR are all rising fast.  I have long positions in all three of these stocks and believe that this could only be the beginning of another run.  Read up more on these stocks here in other posts.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

American Green, Inc. - Love it Here

I must disclose that I am long ERBB.  I absolutely love the stock here, it is way below what I bought it at and if the elections go well, this stock could rise significantly.  In my opinion, this could rise well above its all time high and we could see pennies.  Good luck to investors, I would recommend this stock. Feel free to see all of the other pot stock picks here and also if you want to give back, enter your phone number for free gold information.


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Domino's Pizza Slips in Australian Stock Trading This Morning

Domino's Pizza is slipping in morning Australian ASX trading.  Its shares, symbol DMP.AX are down .21%.  In US trading yesterday, shares of Domino's (DPZ) rose .53% and are sitting near a 52 week high, as are the Australian traded shares.

Bougainville Copper Dip Today Represents Buying Opportunity

Bougainville Copper shares dropped about 4.78% due to weakness.  I view this as a buying opportunity because I feel the commodity sector in relation to minerals is undervalued.   This is an excellent time to add to or initiate a long position in Bougainville Copper in my opinion.  I have no position in Bougainville Copper.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rio Tinto is Up 2.07% Today in Australian Trading

On the ASX, Rio Tinto shares are sharply higher, up by about 2.07% currently.  This is welcome news for Rio Tinto, which has struggled lately with bad news on the iron ore market.  In my opinion, this will turn around soon and the company is rumored to be having a special dividend possible in February of 2015.  Disclosure, I am long RIO.

Adidas Stock is Undervalued - DAX Focus

Share prices of Adidas are undervalued in my opinion, with the US otc stock trading at only $37.13 per share.  With its sponsorships and low market value right now, this stock could double in a year or two in my opinion.  I do not have a position in Adidas, but I wanted to highlight this as the perfect type of underpriced stock that this blog focuses on.

Bougainville Copper is Undervalued

Shares of Bougainville Copper are undervalued in my opinion.  The company stands to benefit with the eventual rebound in commodity prices, in my opinion.  Investors looking for exposure to this sector should look right here.  I have no position in this stock.

Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Blogger Analysis

Elite Pharmaceuticals, ticker symbol ELTP, is receiving a high rating this evening from me.  In full disclosure, I own no shares of the company and have not been paid to promote it.

The company is generating over a million dollars of revenue per quarter, and is wisely investing in R&D to propel future growth.  The stock is attractively valued at only .29 per share and I believe that now is a great time to buy shares of it.  I firmly believe that this stock could potentially reach $1 per share in price in short order.

Plug Power - A Good Stock

Plug Power is a small cap company, however it has made some big news over the past year and is a top choice for someone looking to invest in a small name that could make it big.  If you have not yet looked at it, it is worth checking out. It could potentially reach a higher level of market cap. I have no investment in Plug Power.

APT MotoVox Group, INC. MTVX Stock Opinion

The stock of ticker symbol MTVX is undervalued in my opinion.  The stock is being given away at current price levels.  In its most recent quarterly report per Yahoo! Finance, the company had $580,000 in revenue. This is about a 20% increase from the prior quarter.  Additonally, the company won "Rookie of the Year" in the recent AIMExpo (click here for the rookie of the year story) show.  The revenue increase and the potential developments for the company significantly are being understated in the current share price.  In my opinion, this stock is totally undervalued.

Disclosure, I have no position in MTVX and have not been paid to promote the company.

Intellicell Biosciences, Inc. SVFC Blogger Opinion

Today, I wanted to issue an opinion on Intellicell Biosciences, Inc. ticker symbol SVFC.  I love this stock and feel that despite there being over 3 billion shares outstanding, that the market has unjustly punished this stock and that it sits at a very compelling share price level.

A 12 month price target for shares is 2 cents per share, with there being in my opinion a chance for it to go to 10 cents if all goes well.

Disclosure - I do not own any positions in SVFC and have not been paid to highlight the company.

GT Advanced Technology, Inc. - GTATQ Blogger Opinion

For investors in GTATQ, today has seen a mass price upswing due to the recent news that the company may be close to settling its dispute with Apple (AAPL).  I view this as a watershed moment for the stock.  If it can do this and obtain financing to avoid bankruptcy, this stock is 1,000% undervalued.  Due to the fact that it had a contract with Apple, this shows that it has the ability and the product to be able to gain a big contract for its devices.

I give a 50% chance to GT Advanced Technology being able to avert bankruptcy now that it is possible that it will settle with Apple.  I rate the stock as a buy here and feel that it is extremely undervalued.

Disclosure, I have no position in the shares of GTATQ.  Furthermore, I have not been paid to highlight this company.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Vapor Group Inc. - Blogger Opinion

Today I wanted to post my opinion on Vapor Group, Inc. stock.  This is ticker symbol VPOR.  I like this name and feel that if the e-cig and legal pot stock market stocks boom again, that this will be a big name participating in the rally.  Disclosure, I do not have any position in VPOR.

I believe the stock here could easily get back up over 10 cents per share, with the potential to go even higher.

Southwest Airlines Rallies 5.76% Today

Shares of Southwest Airlines, ticker symbol LUV, rallied 5.76% in trading.  Delta's earnings were strong, and this strength carried over to the entire airline industry.  Shares of Southwest Airlines are showing resiliency in reaching for new highs.

Green Cures and Botanical Distribution GRCU Opinion

Today, I would like to form an opinion on GRCU.  The stock impressively has net income according to its most recently filed quarterly financial statements.  However, the revenue posted on Yahoo! Finance only goes back to the quarter ended in September of 2013.  There look to be a high number of shares outstanding, and this is reflected in the low price per share.

Going forward, the company looks to have opportunities but this is one of those stocks that I would worry about with the high trading volume and high number of shares outstanding.  I see limited upside here but would venture to say that if things go its way, visiting .05 per share is not out of the question.  I have no position in GRCU.  If you like this post, feel free to click a link here to show support and also enter your phone number for free information in regards to gold investing.  It is a no cost no risk venture and you could make some money.  Update - 11/10/2014 - after today's price drop in shares, I like it going into tomorrow and find this a time to make a buy if I were to invest in it.  I have no position in GRCU.

Update*******Did you know that over 57,000 people have viewed this blog?  Please comment to let us know what stocks you want to see on here.


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

WMI Holdings Ticker Symbol WMIH Blogger Opinion

In its most recent quarter, WMI Holdings reported net income of $17 million due to expend reductions.  That makes two of the most previous four quarters profitable, with profit in the two quarters being around $24 million and losses in the two quarters being only $13.6 million.  With the know-how this company has, formerly being known as Washington Mutual, I view this as a potential come back play.  I will set a 12 month price target of $5 for it and believe that it may be worth a dabble here.  I currently have no position in WMIH.

Stock Market Week Ahead - Look Out if the Bulls Run

With the upcoming week in the US stock market, as well as the ASX and SGX, if the bulls run we could have a big week.  The bull market has stalled but basically there was just some volatility.  There is no clear correction yet and because of the fact that US consumer confidence rose to a record level since 2007, this could mean that all is well.  Additionally, the fed has signaled that interest rates may remain low for quite some time more, and all of this could add up to a big week in the stock market.

Investing in UD Fleer Retro Basketball Cards - Michael Jordan Focus

If you are looking to invest in UD Fleer Retro high end basketball cards, Michael Jordan is a safe investment because he has proven to be the best basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan UD Fleer Retro 2011-12 basketball cards, including all of the rare autographed cards, will be highlighted here. The Fleer Retro basketball cards of Michael Jordan are among the hottest basketball and sports cards in existence right now. These include the rare PMG cards including 1 of 1's. One such short printed card is: 11-12 UD Fleer Retro Michael Jordan 1961-62 Throwback Rare Green Yellow SSP.   I also see a red Precious Metal Gems card of Michael Jordan that is graded a BGS 9.5 gem mint in a live listing now.  Here are some other basic MJ items that are not cards in their entirety, just basic jerseys and collectibles.

As you look on this page for your Michael Jordan autograph, there will only be Michael Jordan logoman cards.  1986-87 Fleer Basketball cards have the Michael Jordan rookie.

Here are Upper Deck Michael Jordan items.  What is great about these items is that although they are not rookies, Upper Deck produced some of the finest authenticated memorabilia and autographed items of him in existence.  When purchasing autographs of him, that is a great place to look.

1984-85 Star Company cards have the basketball xrc (first rookie card) of Michael Jordan.  They are not easy to find to say the least.  Here are random Star Company listings and I see currently that there are Jordans listed right now. When purchasing these cards, bagged sets are the way to go if you can find one. 

Michael Jordan autographs are excellent additions to basketball collections.  Happy shopping.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Collectors Universe Inc. CLCT Undervalued Stock Pick

Shares of Collectors Universe, ticker symbol CLCT, have had a great run lately.  The company reported record revenue in August, and the stock pays a healthy dividend yield.  The company offers grading services for sports cards and coins, and I believe that this stock is undervalued.  I have no position in CLCT.

iBio,Inc. - Impressive Indeed

Today's run in IBIO stock was most impressive.  I view this stock as having the potential to be able to run with these gains.  As a result, I rate this stock as a buy.  I believe that over the near term, it has the potential to run to $5 per share.  This is on the back of impressive growth strategies with the ability to actually capitalize on them.  Disclosure, I have no position in IBIO.

Investing in 2014 Rookie Football Cards - Donte Moncrief Autograph

If you want to invest in 2014 rookie autographed football cards, Donte Moncrief may be a name that is currently undervalued.  If he is to become a superstar as some predict, time should show that now is an excellent time to buy his 2014 rookie cards.  Find out how to do so here Donte Moncrief Rookie Autograph

Stocks Roar Higher, Dow Ends Up 263 Points

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day today, October 17, 2014, up by 263 points.  It was a great day for consumer confidence, as the measure showed a very high rating.  This surprised some observers.  One notable stock that had a monster day was Aerogrow International (AERO).  It powered higher by over 27%.  I recommend this stock and am long AERO.

Alibaba to Report Earnings on November 17, 2014

Alibaba will release its first earnings report as a public company on November 17, 2014 according to the information on Google Finance.  This will be a watershed moment for Alibaba, and people will be watching to see if the profit margin remains enviable.  According to the WSJ online, the consensus analyst estimates for Q2 2014 earnings is .47 per share and for Q3 2014 the estimate is .79 per share.

Alibaba Shares Currently Down .77% on the Day

In US stock market trading today, shares of Alibaba (BABA) are currently trading lower by .77% and are right around $88 per share.  The stock price is really a great buying opportunity for those who believe that Alibaba shares will reach the price targets set by many analysts.  Looking ahead to the closing bell soon, it will be interesting to see where Alibaba's share price lands.

Minerco Resources - MINE Time for Caution

Today, I would like to highlight Minerco Resources, ticker symbol MINE.  The share price is low and based on the fact that revenue has been practically non-existent to this point, this does not bode well for initial revenue.  Often times, when a small company like this needs to make initial sales, they are done so to the detriment of profit.  The initial sales tend to have to be priced low enough to entice distributors, but sacrifice profit margins.  My outlook for this stock is to have it underweighted in any portfolio.  Exercise caution here and while the products may pan out, I would only dabble in it with a hundred dollars as an investment, if any.   For all intensive purposes, I would avoid this stock.  Disclosure, I have no positions in MINE.

China Mobile Powers Ahead Today to Reach $60 Per Share Again

China Mobile shares, ticker CHL, are enjoying a top notch day today on Wall Street.  Shares are rallying with the market upswing, and the price is back to $60, about $60.12 per share right now.  Investors will be looking to see the earnings of China Mobile and while they wait, they can enjoy the generous dividend paid to them as well.

Investing in High End Basketball Cards

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Dow up 246 Points Today, Most Stocks Rally

Today in the stock market, many stocks are rallying.  Shares of Cliffs Natural Resources, however, are sliding on the heels of a $6 billion wiredown due to the iron ore price reduction.  Many market leaders, even internationally, are rising including Vodafone.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rio Tinto is Up .7% in Early Australian Stock Trading

Rio Tinto shares are powering higher this morning in Australia, and the stock is back above 60 aussie dollars per share.  Production volumes are strong at the iron ore powerhouse, and the stock is way undervalued in my opinion.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals PPHM Opinion

I believe that the stock price of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) only has a 10% chance of rising beyond $2.00 per share in the next year.  The more likely scenario is that the stock price will fall to under $1 per share in short order.  I question the company's ability to generate revenue and believe that at the current price, further positive developments are being priced in that may not come to fruition.  I rate this stock a sell. Disclosure, I have no positions in PPHM stock.

Frontier Communications FTR Stock up 3.56% Today

Frontier Communications (Ticker symbol FTR) is up about 3.56% currently.  The stock is trading up and is a favorite of this blog, since I have a long position in it.  The dividend it pays in addition to opportunities for growth and for a spin off similar to what Windstream (WIN) has going (also I am long WIN) are two attributes that make the stock compelling at this valuation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brazil iShares EWZ ETF Market Trend - Brazil Election

A new survey came out tonight that could bode well for tomorrow's performance of the popular ETF for Brazil, ticker symbol EWZ.  The election surveys show 45% for Neves and 43% for Rousseff.  The market wants Neves, and so do I.  This slight lead should help the market know for now, that it has the lead and hopefully in the coming weeks that lead will expand.

Investing in Undervalued Sports Cards

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The directory will also consist of specific card years for baseball and football.  In basketball and hockey, the years contain two years such as 1980/81.  To find those, search for the beginning year such as 1980 for 1980/81 Topps.
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In a Dramatic Reversal of Fortune, Cliffs Natural Resources Erases Losses on the Day

CLF - Cliffs Natural Resources, is now back to even for the day, at $9.07 per share.  Earlier today, this blog Undervalued Stock Picks recommended Cliffs at $8.40, signaling over a 6% gain from this price level.  Investors should take notice as investors are wary of undervaluing Cliffs at this point.  Disclosure, long CLF.

Alibaba Up in Trading Today in a Down Market

Shares of Alibaba are trading higher by .84% currently, resting at $85.62.  This is following another 52 week intraday low of $82.81 per share.  With the nearly $3 per share bounce off of the low, this is the makings of a firm 52 week low possibly.  If so, shares may be undervalued here and investors and traders should take notice.

Fannie Mae - FNMA is a Screaming Buy Here

Disclosure, I own shares of FNMA and recently initiated a position in it.  I believe that shares are undervalued here.  With Bill Ackman owning shares, in addition to the lawsuits investors are fighting, I think the company is in a position here to continue with profits.  I do not believe that the Obama administration will succeed in its attempts to do away with Fannie and Freddie.  Fannie Mae is a solid stock with profits and I believe that over the next 12-24 months, the share price could double at least.

Cliffs Natural Resources CLF - a Buy Here

I deem Cliffs Natural Resources stock to be a buy here, symbol CLF.  I personally own shares of the company and view the biggest strength to be in the arena of division sale value.  For the company's assets around the world, based on today's stock price of around $8.40 per share, Cliffs would receive far more than that by selling off assets, in my opinion.  I view CLF as being significantly undervalued as of right now and bought shares myself because of this.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alibaba Reaches Intraday 52 Week Low of $83.22 Per Share Today

Alibaba reached a 52 week low earlier today in trading, going as low as $83.22.  This is far from the price targets on Wall Street, and I believe BABA is a very undervalued stock here.  I look for the stock to gain considerably from here over the next 12 months.

MyECheck Inc. - Traction Could Continue

MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) saw its shares rise by 12.42% today to have it sitting at .0335 per share.  In my opinion, this price offers a great opportunity as its industry is a high growth one with real revenue potential.  Short term, due to high investor interest, I believe this stock will trend upward.

Medium to long term, I am neutral toward the stock and set a 12 month price target of .04 per share on it.

Disclosure: I have no positions in MYEC.

Rio Tinto Gains Another .9% So Far This Morning

In Australian trading early this morning on the ASX, Rio Tinto shares are continuing to gain in price, up .9% currently.  With iron ore prices on the rise, coupled with the company's cost cutting strategy, investors are starting to get more and more excited about RIO.

Independence Energy Corp IDNG

I believe that IDNG is overvalued and could be the next penny stock to reach the dreaded no bid level.  Often times, we will see this in a penny stock with no revenue or earnings and especially after it comes down from overly optimistic share price increases.

I find that even here, the stock surely is overvalued.  I would avoid this stock until there is real profit or at least significant revenue.

Disclosure: I have no stock position in IDNG.

Time for Caution in Aethlon Medical, Inc. (AEMD)

The share price of Aethlon Medical soared 66% today.  AEMD has had some great news as of late.  The thing here is that when a stock moves this much, particularly a penny stock, many times these moves do not last long term.

The short term phenomenon of investor excitement along with the positive news could propel the shares to further gains short term.  However, even over the next three months, I would urge caution here as I believe shares to be overvalued.

I have no position in AEMD.

mCig Highly Undervalued - Stock Pick

I must disclose that I personally am long mcig.  Having followed the stock for awhile, as we know this has not been the greatest year for it after the beginning of the year.

That being said, I view the developments of Vitacig and its regular mCig vapor devices as a major positive.  The company has the ability short term to capitalize on the widespread adoption of these devices.

Longer term, the company will stand to benefit if pot is legalized on a larger scale, starting with possible adoption soon in Alaska.  The November elections will be telling, and I am forecasting an even stronger bounce up once things go well this election season.  The bounce we saw early this year is just an appetizer in my opinion, and the stock could visit $2 per share in the next twelve months.  That is my prediction, and I am betting on it.

Neutra Corp. NTRR is Highly Undervalued

In an undervalued stock pick today, I wanted to highlight Neutra Corp., ticker symbol NTRR.  The stock has dropped to .155 per share today, and I personally bought shares at around .23 per share.  I believe this is a pot stock that definitely has the ability to rise here.  Particularly, I am looking for a bump near November elections.  Aside from marijuana, the company has the ability to earn from other industries as well.

Right now, the company released a statement indicating that New York may be next to legalize cannabis.  Its other businesses include coatings for indoor and outdoor surfaces.  In the pot sector, I remain bullish on this stock and think it could be highly undervalued.  It is a penny stock and these are risky, but I like it a lot more than other penny stocks right now.  Disclosure, I am long NTRR.

Fifth Street Asset Management IPO Stock Announcement

Fifth Street Asset Management will be debuting with its IPO as it has been announced for the week of October 20, 2014.  8,000,000 shares will be priced in a range of $24 to $26 per share.  This promises to be one of the most watched IPOs of this week.

EndoStim IPO Price Range $12 to $14

During the week of October 20, 2014, EndoStim will be pricing its IPO in a price range of $12 to $14 per share.  The offering is for 3,200,000 shares and its ticker symbol on the NASDAQ will be STIM.  Market watchers will be seeing how this stock debuts with early entrants eager to make a profit.

Monday, October 13, 2014

US Stock Futures Up 74 Points Currently, Iron Ore Prices Up Yesterday

Stocks in iron ore miners rose sharply yesterday amidst a breath of fresh air with positive developments.  Iron ore spot prices rose over 4% and positive analyst comments over the weekend about Rio Tinto drove prices higher.  Now, Dow Jones Futures are up 74 points heading into Tuesday.  This bodes well for the morning ahead in the United States, though this is a current indication as of 12:45 am eastern time.

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Electronic Cigarettes International Group IPO Week of October 20

Ticker symbol ECIG (wow, that's coveted) is coming to the stock market during the week of October 20, 2014 with a 33,333,333 share IPO at $4.50 per share in pricing.  This may be the most watched IPO of that week, and investors may bid up shares in a hurry.

Rio Tinto Motors Ahead by 3.6% This Morning

On the Australian Stock Exchange, Rio Tinto shares are powering forward with a strong 3.6% gain currently.  This is on the heels of news that analysts have determined via Barrons that the company could see a 20% price appreciation in shares over the next twelve months.

China Mobile and Nokia Teaming Up for 4G Service - Stocks' Repricussions

Since Nokia was just awarded a $970 million contract from China Mobile to support its 4G network, this could bode well for the stock price of Nokia.  This is a huge amount of revenue that Nokia will be guaranteed, shareholders should take notice.

Brazil iShares Powers Ahead

EWZ - the well known ticker for the Brazilian Bovespa stocks index fund, is screaming forward today by over 5% currently.  This is because Petrobras and Itau are powering higher by an amount even greater than that.

Alibaba Stock up Fractionally Today

Alibaba shares, BABA, are up only fractionally today.  This is keeping with the overall market but missing out on the gains enjoyed by many international stocks from Australia, Brazil, and Asia.  This low volatility in Alibaba stock is continuing today.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Alibaba Slides 3.28% in Share Price on Friday

In Friday stock market trading, Alibaba shares dropped 3.28% to close at $85.88.  The general market's woes contributed to this slide, and at this point Alibaba shares are trading well off from its 12 month price targets.  $120 is my price target for it, and I do believe within 12 months that we will see this share price.  It is on watch, however, for further downward price action that might affect this rating.